5 Things Every NBA Top Shot Beginner Should Know

5 Things Every NBA Top Shot Beginner Should Know

byPaul Brown


I got started in the NFT space through my fandom of NBA when I found NBA Top Shot. My story is probably similar to many: I heard about the product from a sports podcast I was listening to. When I saw the NBA Top Shot platform and saw the NFT highlights for the first time, I was hooked. 

I started off with no knowledge of the NFT space, but plenty of love for basketball — specifically the Dallas Mavericks. I have taken some bumps along the way, and am coming to Top Shot from the standpoint of a collector and hobbyist, no financial degrees over here.

Here are five tips and tricks for beginners I have used to enjoy NBA Top Shot to the point of a borderline addiction.

#1: Invest in Your NBA Fandom

NFTs are investments for most everyone, and a basic rule is to never invest with your emotions. But you can throw that out the window on NBA Top Shot; my first marketplace purchase was Kristaps Porzingis, then Maxi Kleber.

Shortly later Top Shot upped their mint counts, and a Luka Doncic Moment dropped into my price range. The monetary value of your account can be measured using tools like MomentRanks, and the market has already had some swings since I joined in Series 2.

This is sports collecting, and you will always get more enjoyment if you find Moments that mean something to you. Start by grabbing your favorite player or a fan-favorite player, or even your favorite jersey by searching through Moments. If you need ideas, check out our Top Shot Starter Kit and look for your team’s division.

If you are a basketball historian, you can go after Carmelo Anthony moving into the top ten on the all-time scoring list or Steph Curry passing Wilt Chamberlain as the Warriors leading scorer. From game-winners to acrobatic layups, from blocks to dunks, you can find whatever part of basketball you like somewhere on the marketplace.

You can use price alerts from MomentRanks to fill out the base of your favorite Moments and truly show off your fandom. With sports, buy what you like and the rest will take care of itself.

#2: Connect with the Community

Following Top Shot on twitter is a given, you find out about pack drops and can even win packs on occasion. You don’t have to look hard to find more great Top Shot Twitter Follows, in fact a list has already been made for you.

This list is not created by Top Shot, but rather it is a collection of basketball fans who want to engage with new fans and collectors. This is a great way to connect with new people where you already have a common interest built in and discover more about the product. You should also join the NBA Top Shot and MomentRanks Discords.

There is a growing community of people who love basketball and this product is helping them show off their Moment showcases and share their fandom. Don’t just let them guide you as you start your journey — join them by getting your questions and opinions out there about your team or Top Shot in general.

Get a profile picture of your favorite Moment from MomentNerd, and you’ll probably get a couple followers back. Make connections, get advice, and potentially help NBA Top Shot, because they are counting on us to improve the product.

They want fan engagement and are paying close to the community, you can look no further than Packrip Ewing for proof at 2021 NBA Summer League.

#3: The Utility of Moments

Packrip Ewing was not alone in Vegas, with some fans getting to not only attend Summer League games, but meet and even play some basketball with NBA players! 

They aren’t even the only fans to have gotten an incredible all-access opportunity from Top Shot. Eight lucky fans attended Game 5 of the NBA Finals, watching the game from a suite and getting one-on-one time with the Larry O’Brien Trophy. Then eight more attended the NBA Draft getting to meet draft prospects.

Even more in-arena utility has been promised to be coming as Top Shot becomes the future of fandom, so as you build out your collection, it may be a good idea to go after teams in your nearest NBA market.

Moments have utility in a variety of other ways, starting with Top Shot running showcase quests, giving you the opportunity at packs and free Moments by having specific Moments in your collection. My favorite use of my collection throughout this postseason was MomentRanks Play, a unique daily fantasy game using your Moments to compete head-to-head randomly or against friends.

This season MR Play awarded winners daily and at the end of the season released NFT Championship rings for the season’s top performers.

#4: Collector Score is king

We already talked about how the base of your collection should be Moments you enjoy watching and find exciting, but how do you fill out a collection and move forward after that? If you want a better chance to score rare and legendary packs in drops, Collector Score is the determining factor in your odds to get that pack.

If you go out and get a LeBron James Top Shot Debut, you will instantly have an incredible account value. But it doesn’t help your Collector Score (or odds at a new legendary pack) more than me adding a couple Jalen Brunson for $3 each, because of my Series 2 Mavericks team completion bonus.

When trying to fill out your collection and qualify for better packs, sweeping the marketplace floor by focusing on team sets and Moments you find under $10 is not a bad starting point. You can find many star players in this price range as well and while it is an investment it also insulates you — to an extent — from wild market swings.

If you spend $5 on a Moment, there is only so far the value can sink. Taking a longer term perspective, these may not have a high value right now, we are in the very early stages of Top Shot. Mint counts now seem huge, but the growth was due to the influx of new collectors!

I have no clue what Top Shot will look like 10 years down the road, but if this follows the trend of other sports collectibles, current Moments will seem quite rare.

And it was recently confirmed that edition sizes will go much higher in Series 3. With Trade Tickets now introduced, these Moments can potentially be used Trade Tickets. So once you complete a team you shouldn’t feel bad about adding the lowest priced Moment 10 times.

#5: Use NBA Top Shot Tools

Top Shot has worked hard at giving collectors as much information as they can on their site. The Moment page itself not only breaks down the play, but also the mint count and what has yet to be discovered.

There is also a link to Evaluate Market here, a third-party site that breaks down Moments to the point of telling you what collections have the most of a single Moment! With the avatar creator from MomentNerd, you can enter your username and select your favorite Moment to show off your favorite Moment on social media.

MomentRanks allows you to follow accounts of some of your connections and see what they are adding to their collections. If you want to make bigger investments to increase the value of your portfolio, the Market Overview page allows you to identify trends, and MomentHQ can truly help you to maximize your investment and determine when to buy or sell.

If you are like me and trying to keep your Collector Score in mind, using the set progress feature can show you how to add the most bang for your buck. I have only been able to complete a couple challenges so far, but MomentRanks also has a tool that will show you how much it costs it would be for you to complete.

There is a ton of information out there to help you research the rapidly growing Top Shot market and collectibles. With these, you can take it all in at your own pace.

Happy collecting, I hope to see you in the Twitterverse with a cool Moment profile picture!

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