All About the Community: Introducing Token-Gated Top Shot Communities

All About the Community: Introducing Token-Gated Top Shot Communities

byChristian Hardy


A key pillar of NFTs and provable ownership of digital collectibles is the communities formed by the like-minded individuals who become friends along the way. An NFT project’s community is key to its long-term success — and NBA Top Shot’s community is as strong as any in the NFT world.

But with 30 teams and thousands of Moments to choose from on Top Shot, it can be a long journey to find where you really belong. With Communities by MomentRanks, now you can easily band together with fellow collectors to form private social groups with custom requirements for member eligibility.

Want to create a community that can only be joined by collectors who completed the Hustle & Show set? Now you can. Or a community that is only joinable by collectors with 10 or more Lakers Moments? Or collectors with a collector score over 1,000? You can do those too.

With token-gated Top Shot Communities, we’re unlocking the potential of digital ownership to bring you closer to your fellow collectors than ever before. Let’s take a deeper look at what you can do with Communities, from private fantasy games to community social feeds.

What are Communities?

Communities on MomentRanks are social groups for NBA Top Shot collectors that can be restricted based on the Moments members own in their collection. 

Every Community has a social feed for Moments, posts, and group updates, where anyone in the community can post.

Once you’re in a community, you can see stats about the community, like total Moment value and total Moments owned. On the transactions feed in your Community, you’ll be able to see every purchase from members within your community. After a Community reaches five members, an exclusive Discord channel in the MomentRanks Discord can be created specifically for that community.

Private Top Shot Daily Fantasy Contests for Communities

Last NBA season, we launched the first-ever daily fantasy game for NBA Top Shot Moments. Now, there’s a new way to Play. With Communities, we’ve created exclusive Daily Contests and head-to-head games on Play, only accessible to members of your community.

Daily Fantasy for Top Shot communities

To play in these private daily fantasy games, just click the “Community Play” link on the sidebar of your Community. From the dropdown, you can:

  • play in the community-exclusive Daily Contest
  • join and create head-to-heads against fellow community members
  • view the season head-to-head leaderboard within your Community

Community Play will give Top Shot communities the ability to compete within their clan for bragging rights. Plus, now community leaders have the license to reward provable members of their community who create the best teams on Play.

Created by the Community, for the Community

Exclusive communities can be created by any Top Shot collector who has a MomentRanks account with their Top Shot username linked. Community creators can select parameters for joining the community, or decide if they want it to be accessible by invite only. 

Once the community is created, invites can be sent to other Top Shot collectors on MomentRanks, or the link can be shared to other MomentRanks users. As collectors join your community, you’ll be notified in your MomentRanks notifications.

Social Groups for Top Shot Collectors

Within each community is a social wall where anyone in the community can post a caption with Moments or images. This social wall can be used for anything related to the community, such as updates, recent sales, Moments they own, or anything else.

These posts are exclusive to the community they’re posted in. Every post can be a conversation, as members of the community can comment and react to what others are posting in the community. 

Top Shot Community Social Post

Token-Gated Discord Communities for Top Shot

After five collectors join any Community, the Community creator will have the ability to open a private Discord channel in the MomentRanks Discord with the click of a button. The channel will be accessible only by members of the Community, token-gated by ownership of the required Moments.

What is a Token-Gated Community?

Token-gated means only people who provably own select digital assets can access it. 

Proof of ownership on the blockchain allows for many new possibilities that previously didn’t exist. One of those possibilities is access to communities and exclusive benefits, accessible through provable digital ownership.

After you link your Top Shot account to your MomentRanks account, you’ll be able to join Communities based on the Top Shot Moments you own.

How to Create a Token-Gated Top Shot Community

You can create a token-gated Top Shot Community and Discord in just a few steps on MomentRanks.

Top Shot Communities on MomentRanks | Moment-Gated Communities
Top Shot Communities on MomentRanks can be create with several requirements for joining.
  1. Go to the Communities home page. Scroll down to “Create a Community.” Enter the name of your Community (this can be changed later) and click Create.
  2. Update your community cover photo and description, which will be viewable from the Communities home page. Update cover photo in the bottom right corner of the cover photo. Update the description by clicking the pencil next to “A new community.”
  3. Optional: Choose your Access Control and Requirements to Join your Community
    1. Access control (note that all collectors who join must meet requirements before joining): Public – anyone can join; Unlisted – anyone with the link can join; Private – invite-only via MomentRanks account; Closed – no new members can join.
    2. Other requirements include: Minimum account value, minimum collector score, number of Moments owned (also Moments owned from player, team, or sets), set completion, and domain on email address registered to
    3. Note: No requirements are necessary to start a Community — all are optional. There is also no limit on requirements.
  4. Invite Top Shot collectors to your Community! You can get an invite link in the top right corner of your Community, or you can invite Top Shot collectors to your Community. Just input as many Top Shot usernames as you’d like and click “Invite”

How to Join a Top Shot Community

Top Shot Communities can be joined on the MomentRanks Communities homepage, via invite from the Community members or owner, or from a direct link sent by Community members.

Join a Top Shot Community on MomentRanks

To join a Community from the home page:

  1. Click “Join Now” on the Community you’d like to join
  2. Read the membership requirements, then click “Join now” if you meet requirements. If you fail to meet the requirements, an error message will appear.
  3. Update your Community profile by going to the sidebar and clicking “My Profile”. Here you can add optional details about yourself and save them to your profile:
    1. Twitter username
    2. Discord username
    3. Short bio
    4. Hometown
    5. Why you joined the Community
    6. List of skills

All of this information from each member will be viewable under the “Members” section of the community. Just click the “Cards” view in the top right. Remember, you can also be invited to join a Community. As long as your Top Shot account is connected to your MomentRanks profile, you will receive an email alert when you’re invited.

That’s it! You’re now part of a token-gated community for Top Shot collectors. If the community has a private Discord channel, remember to join it by clicking the Discord icon in the top right of the Community home, under the banner.

Join a Top Shot Community, Have Fun with your Fandom

We created Communities for collectors to be a part of something. In the wide world of Top Shot and NBA fandom, we know it can be hard to find a community of like-minded people who collect the same ways you do — whether that’s full sets or team set completions.

With Communities, you can verify that the people in your community actually value the things they’re collecting and become friends with other fans that are similar to you. After all, the Top Shot community is all about the friends we’ve made along the way.

If you come across any bugs in Communities or would like to suggest features, please visit our #issues-feedback or #feature-requests channels in our Discord, submit a feature request, or send us a DM on Twitter.

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