Certified Ballers: The Top 5 NBA Player accounts on NBA Top Shot
Certified Ballers: The Top 5 NBA Player accounts on NBA Top Shot

Certified Ballers: The Top 5 NBA Player accounts on NBA Top Shot

by Brian Kelleher


In Top Shot terms, a ‘Certified Baller’ is an NBA player who has a verified NBA Top Shot account. And most of them are already starting to collect their favorite Moments while Top Shot is still in beta.

All of the top five biggest ballers in terms of Top Shot account value have a lot in common: they all have at least five-figure estimated account values, according to MomentRanks. These NBA players have also invested thousands into their own Moments — and their opponents — on Top Shot. 

Let’s take a deep dive into the biggest collections of Top Shot Moments among NBA players.

1. Kings forward Harrison Barnes — @hbarnes

Harrison Barnes is the Sacramento Kings starting forward and an NBA champion on the court. Off the court, he’s the NBA Players Association Secretary-Treasurer, but he’s also an NBA Top Shot superstar under his username @hbarnes.

As of now, Barnes can also be crowned as “King of Top Shot’’ among players, sitting on a throne of the most valuable collection amongst Certified Ballers at nearly $400,000 worth of Moments. 

Taking a look at his account, you’ll see Barnes is heavily investing in himself, as he owns 20 of his own Moments — more than any other NBA player owns of themselves. 

Barnes’s prized possession is a Series 1 Chris Paul Holo MMXX jersey match Moment valued by MomentRanks at $60,370. But he also owns a Jayson Tatum Holo MMXX, #31/50, purchased at $31,000 with the current low ask at $49,999. Recently, Barnes picked up the #2/28 Ben Simmons Series 2 Holo Icon for $16,000

Barnes has continued to add to his collection with diamond hands, only selling two Moments along the way.

Harrison Barnes Top Shot account summary

  • Moments Owned: 221
  • Total MR Estimated Account Value: $391,516
  • Account Percentile: Top 0.1%

2. Kings guard Tyrese Haliburton — @TH0

Barnes’s teammate, Kings rookie phenom Tyrese Haliburton, is also enjoying an outstanding season on the court. On Top Shot, he’s amassed a $50,000 collection of Moments, the second-most valuable Top Shot collection among current NBA players. 

The most valuable Moment in Haliburton’s impressive Top Shot collection is Hall of Famer  Tim Duncan’s Series 1 Run It Back, a play from 2013 currently at a $7,694 floor. He also owns 10 of his own Moments, including the #2 of his /35,000 Base Set Moment.

Like Barnes, when Haliburton gets a Moment, he keeps it; he’s only made one sale on Top Shot to-date.

Tyrese Haliburton Top Shot account summary

  • Moments Owned: 152
  • Total MR Estimated Account Value: $50,638
  • Account Percentile: Top 0.3%

Haliburton: “Put That on Top Shot!”

On March 27, Barnes hit a thrilling game-winning shot at the last second to lift the Kings over the Cleveland Cavaliers. Haliburton dumped water on Barnes’ head during the post-game interview while yelling “Put that on Top Shot!”

This is a phrase some NBA players have started using on the court after an amazing play from a teammate. It’s unofficially the new “SportsCenter!” As Haliburton predicted, Barnes’ sgame-winning basket was recently minted as a Top Shot Moment — and it’s been a popular purchase, too.

Haliburton has been a loud speaker for Top Shot, even being interviewed by CNN about using the platform and ESPN, where he described trying to buy packs mid-film session. 

3. Pelicans guard Josh Hart — @JoshHart

New Orleans Pelicans guard Josh Hart was one of the first NBA players to embrace NBA Top Shot. In fact, his early Top Shot tweets and streams were a big part of the massive February spike in new users and traffic on Top Shot, as he was one of the first players to engage with the product publicly.

Hart has been opening packs and giving away Moments to viewers on Twitch for the last couple of months. When Hart is not streaming, he is buying or selling Moments in the marketplace, slowly accumulating a top three Certified Ballers Top Shot collection and the most Moments owned by any NBA player with 233. 

Amongst Hart’s assortment of Moments are 17 of his own, including a Series 1 Metallic Gold Limited Edition jersey match. The true gem of Josh’s collection is a rare Series 1 LeBron James 2020 Western Conference Finals dunk, but he has an extensive collection of impressive Moments. 

Josh Hart Top Shot account summary

  • Moments Owned: 221
  • Total MR Estimated Account Value: $42,748
  • Account Percentile: Top 0.3%

4. Hawks guard Bogdan Bogdanovic — @LeaderofHorde

As previously discussed with Bleacher Report, Bogdan Bogdanovic grew up in Serbia playing video games and trading soccer cards; when he heard about NBA Top Shot he was immediately hooked.

Before Top Shot marketing was temporarily turned off, Bogdanovic even had a paid partnership with NBA Top Shot for European promotion, according to The First Mint.

Bogdan has three of his own Moments in his collection, including a legendary Series 1 Holo MMXX Moment he purchased for $2,300. Like his old teammate Harrison Barnes, Bogdanovic is an NBA player betting on his on-court performance to directly contribute to the value of his Moments rising. He also owns LaMelo Ball Triple Badge rookie Moment.

As of writing, he owns 64 Top Shot Moments with an estimated value of ~$27,000, good enough to rank fourth on the Certified Ballers list.

Bogdan Bogdanovic Top Shot account summary

  • Moments Owned: 64
  • Total MR Estimated Account Value: $27,106
  • Account Percentile: Top 0.5%

5. Hornets guard Terry Rozier — @scaryterry3

Rounding out the top five Certified Baller rankings is Charlotte Hornets guard Terry Rozier. “Scary Terry” holds a stellar collection of 26 Moments valued at ~$10,500, including plenty of his own

Earlier this year, Rozier came on the official NBA Top Shot Twitch channel, opened packs, and talked about selling Moments for his charity 12 Blessings, including sending physical sports memorabilia to people who purchased his Moments. 

Rozier’s most valuable Moments are his own Base Series 1 jersey match and his legendary Series 1 Lace ‘Em Up worth more than $2,000 each. Back in February, Golden State Warriors guard and Top Shot collector Damion Lee asked Rozier to trade each other’s moments after a game instead of swapping sweaty jerseys.

Terry Rozier Top Shot account summary

  • Moments Owned: 26
  • Total MR Estimated Account Value: $10,466
  • Account Percentile: Top 1.3%

More NBA Players on Top Shot

These are just the top five of the top collections among NBA players, but there are several more who have already started their collection: Rudy Gobert (44 Moments), Michael Carter-Williams (58 Moments), Fred VanVleet (16 Moments), Terrence Ross (49 Moments), Cole Anthony (50 Moments), Paul George (25 Moments), CJ McCollum (19 Moments), and dozens more. 

You can check out the complete list of Certified Ballers — NBA players who have taken the first step to delve into NBA Top Shot by creating an account. Also, don’t forget to complete your Certified Ballers Showcase to get free $20 Dapper credit.

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