Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 6 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play
Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 6 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play

Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 6 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play

by Justin Perri


Could this be the last Pick and Roll of the 2020-21 NBA season? Could Game 6 be the last Play Daily Contest until the 2021-2022 NBA season? 

My brain says yes but my heart says no. Something about how this series has gone makes me feel as though the Suns will find a way to win tonight when nobody expects them to. Some people are citing Chris Paul losing 12 straight playoff games that Scott Foster has refereed, but that all feels too easy. 

It’s exactly games like this where the Bucks will face their toughest test. They will be a few minutes from winning a ring and we will see how they perform under that pressure.

It’s hard to see much changing for the lineups in MomentRanks play today, as it is going to be difficult to go away from the five big names in this series. Chris Paul had 11 assists in Game 5 and likely repeats that level of passing tonight. Devin Booker has scored 40+ in back to back nights and again figures to be shooting frequently with his playoff run at risk for the first time all season.

On the Bucks side, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jrue Holiday and Khris Middleton are all basically must-start options with how they’ve been playing. They truly look like a big three. The only ‘sleeper’ to consider is Deandre Ayton, but that’s still risky given the limited Moment types he has.

Tonight’s contents will likely boil down to which Moment boost we attempt to hit,  I’ll discuss that in some more detail below. You can also find a brief list sorted by price below. 

Under $20 Top Shot Moments:

Chris Paul — Series 2 Common /35,000 Assist ($10)

Devin Booker — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($16)

Giannis Antetokoumpo — Series 2 Common /35,000 Block ($13) 

Jrue Holiday — Series 2 Common /40,000+ Jump Shot ($7) 

Under $100 Top Shot Moments:

Deandre Ayton — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($30) 

Khris Middleton— Series 1 Common /3,288 3-Pointer ($46) 

Jrue Holiday — Series 1 Common /3342 Assist ($99) 

Always remember that when building your team on MomentRanks Play, each Moment can unlock a Moment Boost by achieving over their last-ten game averages (L10) in the stat that corresponds to the featured play. This means choosing the correct Moment is crucial to your lineup’s success. You can also watch this quick tutorial on Play scoring if you ever need a refresher.

Core Moments

Chris Paul — Series 2 Common /35,000 Assist ($10) 

Game 5 was better for Chris Paul, anything would have been after his lame Game 4; but as I mentioned, Paul racked up 11 assists his last time out and I think he’ll again hit double digits. 

With how valuable the assists can be with the boost, you almost have to go with this Moment. The only other option is a 3-point Moment, but Paul only took three shots from deep in the last game and with how he’s being guarded in the halfcourt, it’s definitely a little too risky. It’s the assist for me.

Khris Middleton — Series 1 Common /3,288 3-Pointer ($46) 

Middleton hits three shots from deep like it’s no problem. He’s hit the number he needs to unlock his boost in five of his last six games. This has consistently been the best way to play Middleton and I think it continues tonight. His scoring can be up and down, and you know I never recommend a scoring boost unless it’s one of the only options. 

Devin Booker — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($16)

Devin Booker has scored 82 points in the last two games while only attempting seven shots from deep. So I think it’s time we pivot away from the 3-point Moment today. He also isn’t passing, which means it’s got to be a scoring Moment for me tonight. 

Booker only needs 27 points to activate his boost on this Moment, but I think this is the only boost he is able to reach, which makes it the best play for the Suns young star. 

Giannis Antetokoumpo — Series 2 Common /35,000 Block ($13) 

I’ll go down with the ship on this one simply because it is statistically the correct way to play Giannis in a game structured the way Play is. There is simply too much upside with Antetokounmpo on a block Moment because if he manages to block two shots you’re looking at almost 20 extra points on top of his base score.

The safe play is clearly a scoring Moment, but he will need 31 points to activate the boost that way and even if he scores 40 it won’t be nearly as much as two blocks will do for your team. I’ll take the high upside risk. 

Jrue Holiday — Series 1 Common /3,342 Assist ($99) 

Holiday has been scoring well but he dropped 13 assists in Game 5 and looks to be in peak form heading into the penultimate matchup of this year’s Finals. I’ll go back to the rather expensive assist as it looks like Jrue is going to be the main ball handler. It worked last game and why mess with success?

If this is out of your personal price range, you can pivot to a Series 2 Common /40,000+ Jump Shot ($6)  as Jrue threatened thirty points on Saturday night and could do so again. 

Sleeper Moments

Deandre Ayton — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($25) 

Ayton is the only player I would consider substituting into your lineup tonight. He’s gotten off to hot shooting starts and can rebound effectively. He’d likely be the X factor if the Suns were to find a way to win this crucial Game 6. 

Play Ayton if you think he gets to 20 points or simply makes his presence known on the court tonight. You’re probably only considering Jrue Holiday as a sit, though maybe you can consider Middleton. 
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