Flow NFTs: The Latest on the Blockchain Built for NFTs

Flow NFTs: The Latest on the Blockchain Built for NFTs

byCorporate Trash


One of the biggest issues to Ethereum NFT natives and first-timer minters alike is the spike in gas prices, which seems to have no end in sight. The Flow blockchain, created by Dapper Labs, is one alternative network with extremely minimal — if not zero — gas fees, because it uses Proof-of-Stake (POS) to validate transactions. 

Since the last time MomentRanks wrote about Flow, a ton of exciting projects have launched and lots is happening on the Flow blockchain. Let’s explore some of the latest happenings on Flow.

NFT Projects on the Flow Blockchain

Most of us know Flow as the network which supports NBA Top Shot, but their ecosystem is expanding rapidly as Dapper Labs continues to grow. Backed by an army of investors like Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase Ventures, Alchemy and more, Flow is unique in that it caters to both developers, brands, and consumers. It allows for flexible contracts and easy consumer onboarding, bridging the gap from fiat to crypto by users to use U.S. dollars.

The biggest news from earlier this year has been that Dapper Labs, which created the Flow blockchain, is launching an NFL product, a La Liga highlights product, and a UFC product. Both of these will be built on the Flow.

Flow also powers RCRDSHP (electronic music collectibles), Genies (digital avatar collectibles), Dr. Seuss NFT collectibles, CNN NFTs, international cricket NFTs, and many more. Partnerships with these major brands and intellectual property means huge opportunities for novice and experienced NFT collectors alike, as they can connect with a familiar brand and experience. And without gas fees and complicated wallet and crypto set up, it makes for an easier entry for the mainstream consumer. 

Tools for Flow NFTs

The Flow dashboard portal is where you can log in to see your Flow wallet details, and where you can receive and send $FLOW. The “Etherscan” of the Flow network is flowscan.org, where you can see individual transactions on the Flow blockchain. 

Flow Fest for Flow NFTs

In October, Flow launched Flow Fest, a multi-week celebration of the collection of NFT projects on Flow, including the entire Flow community in the Fest. This included giveaways of thousands of Flow Fest Mystery packs to community members through giveaways, loaded with a variety of Flow-built NFTs in them.

Starly: Flow NFT Marketplace

Starly.io, a platform for buying and selling NFT collectible cards, powers the Flow Fest Mystery Pack opening. The opening experience is similar to NBA Top Shot (but without the cool music), revealing three NFTs from across the Flow ecosystem.

Flow Fest Mystery Pack | Flow NFTs

On Starly’s marketplace, you can also buy and sell your NFTs from your Flow Fest packs with $FLOW tokens. Many of these NFTs are still unknown and not very marketed yet, which led to some interesting reactions when opening a Mystery Pack.

But many are speculating on Flow NFTs that they like in the Starly marketplace, since you never know which of these young communities will take off. With $FLOW hovering around $13 USD value at the time of this posting, there are many bargains to be had, with a floor of .05 $FLOW. 

Some of the Flow NFTs available from Flow Fest include: 

  • OVO, a manga-style cat with some PG-13 (ok, R-rated) tendencies
  • Matrix World, code blocks for interacting with objects in a multi-blockchain metaverse
  • Jambb (Non Fungible Jokin’), the first comedy special produced on the blockchain
  • Crave Critics, a digital dining club
  • and Voxel Knight, a voxel universe with expandable parallel worlds. 

To get an idea of which Flow NFTs are selling the most, you can track primary and secondary marketplace sales on the Flowverse website

Flow NFT Marketplace Flow Blockchain

Since the launch of Flow Fest, it has been a good time for users to buy their first ever $FLOW tokens, which just recently became available for purchase in the United States. You can buy $FLOW in the US on Kraken or via MoonPay with the Blocto wallet app.

NFT Launches on Flow

One of the best things about Flow is that it aims to make it simple for their community to monitor upcoming NFT drops, which can get convoluted quickly for Ethereum and other blockchains. All you have to do is go to the Flowverse drop page, which shows a countdown to drops plus links to the details on each NFT. 

Ballerz NFTs on Flow

One of the biggest Flow launches lately has been BALLERZ, which you could purchase with your Dapper wallet. This is the first use case outside of NBA Top Shot where you could use your Dapper balance to purchase another Flow NFT. BALLERZ will be available on the Flow marketplace Gaia, which launches in a few weeks. 

BALLERZ has already been a fascinating launch, as a crossover between pixel art and Flow’s top offering — NBA Top Shot. In fact, we saw many people sell off NBA Top Shot moments to have enough Dapper credits to mint some.

While the queue to mint was slow and a new process for us to get used to, those who did mint have already shown lots of passion in the BALLERZ community. There have been some rumors of BALLERZ being the “official” profile picture for NBA Top Shot accounts. Plus, they will be holding an event during Miami Art Basel week. 

What’s Next for Flow NFTs

In 2022, we will see which projects on Flow grow and thrive. Just like on Ethereum, Solana, and Tezos, there is room for a ton of NFT projects, but only the strong with a strong team and long-term vision will survive. 

Flow has an advantage of minimal gas fees, catering to developers, and partnerships with some of the most valuable brands in the world. Not to mention many people who have already bought their first Flow NFTs with NBA Top Shot. This type of competition should ideally make every other blockchain rise to face the challenge as well. 

By marketing to their existing NBA Top Shot user base, Dapper Labs and Flow will be able to onboard many people to new and innovative NFTs built on Flow. We are all looking forward to how these projects push the NFT space to new heights, use cases, and utilities.

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