How to Buy ZED RUN Horses That Win Races
How to Buy ZED RUN Horses That Win Races

How to Buy ZED RUN Horses That Win Races

by Strobe


Did you miss or strike out on the latest ZED RUN genesis digital racehorse drop? Well don’t fear; today, we’re going to show you how to navigate the secondary market to buy ZED RUN horses by using OpenSea and other ZED RUN tools.

Our goal is to help you pick up your first ZED RUN horse or give you the tools to spot a good deal on the secondary market to bolster your stable.

Please note: all prices are relative and will most likely change in the future, but this process to buy a ZED RUN horse will remain a good way to research and find quality horses for sale on OpenSea — #trusttheprocess.

Navigating OpenSea to Buy a ZED RUN Horse

The main marketplace we are going to focus on using to buy a ZED horse is OpenSea. OpenSea is the most popular platform to buy and sell NFTs. The site recently secured $100 million in Series A funding from popular venture capital firms such as a16z, and look poised to continue growing as the go-to marketplace for NFTs.

To set up an account, link your MetaMask on the top right of the screen by clicking “My Profile”, then follow the prompts.

OpenSea is not the easiest to navigate thousands of listings in search of a specific horse or results, so we will be using two other tools to help us. This is where Zed Nucleus and Hawku come in — two of the top resources for digging into horses for sale. When we’re ready to finalize our purchase, we’ll circle back to OpenSea.

Using Zed Nucleus to Buy a ZED RUN Horse

Instead of trying to sort through the thousands of horses on OpenSea, we will use the tools on Zed Nucleus to easily narrow our search for the perfect pony. Zed Nucleus is in beta, but the site makes it easy to search through current listings for a horse that fits what you’re looking for and see how it’s performed.

The main four sections of the site are Filters, Active Listings, Recent Sales and Active Studs. Filters do exactly what you would think they do in helping filter listings to show exactly what you’re looking for. 

Keep in mind that Zed Nucleus does not automatically update, so you’ll have to refresh to see the latest listings. 

Active Listings show all the ZED RUN horses for sale on OpenSea. Recent Sales give you an idea of the current market for horses, so you determine if a listing price is a good or bad deal based on the going rate. Active Studs is related to breeding, so we won’t be worrying about this section too much today. 

The Name hyperlink will take you to the horse’s page on ZED RUN. The graph icon next to the name will take you to Know Your Horses to learn about their odds and results. Finally, the link all the way on the right will take you to the OpenSea listing to buy the horse

How to Buy a ZED RUN Horse with Zed Nucleus

The Zed Nucleus Process

We are going to look for legendary Finneys and Buterins for the sake of this example because they are a good mix of affordability and performance on the track, but this process can be applied to any other horse too. 

Keep in mind the horse gender. Fillys and Mares are female horses; this does not affect racing, but this means they will keep the newborn horse when bred. Colts and Stallions are male horses; owners of female horses will pay stud fees to male horse owners to breed. Both are ways to generate extra ether from your existing horses. More about this in our breeding guide.

To start, we will check off the Finney, Buterin and Legendary boxes under the Filters section.

How to Buy a ZED RUN Horse with Zed Nucleus

Next we want to scroll down to the Recent Sales section to get an idea of what the market prices are currently. Make sure the Sales Date/Time is filtered to today. If it isn’t, just click the header and it should sort itself. 

Recent ZED RUN Sales on Zed Nucleus

Now we can see that raced Finney and Buterins are selling in about the 0.083-0.22 ETH range depending on Z number, win rate, and race count.

Filtering Race Count to 0 in the Recent Sales section — not in the Filters section — we see that unraced Finneys and Buterins are going for .12 to .24 ETH. Unnamed horses will show up as “Unnamed Foals” so if you purchase one you will have the ability to name it yourself. 

How to Buy a ZED RUN Horse with Zed Nucleus

After taking notes on these target prices, we can now move up to the Active Listings to look for possible ponies to purchase. 

Active ZED RUN Listings on Zed Nucleus 

Scrolling up to Active Listings we can quickly see some of the most recent horses put up for sale. Let’s break down some of our possible options.

Stealer is reasonably priced at .19 ETH but also has yet to record a win in 90 races, so we would want to avoid this horse. Arrow on Target comes in slightly higher at .2 ETH with far less races under its belt, which limits our knowledge on the horse, thus hindering our ability to make a smart purchase. 

While this info helps us, it doesn’t give us the full picture to enable us to make the most informed decision we can. That’s where Hawku comes in.

Hawking Deals on ZED RUN with Hawku

Hawku is another popular third party site that shows active horse listings and sales. The site automatically updates and shows a horse’s stats on the site, acting as almost a one-stop shop for ZED RUN info.

Quick note: Sometimes when using the filters they can stop working so be mindful of this when browsing. I’m sure this will be fixed in the near future. 

Research ZED RUN Horses to Buy with Hawku

At a glance, you’ve got the horse’s name and coat color on the left, its genotype info in the middle with its best odds, win percentage and number of races run under that, and either the OpenSea link to buy the horse or what it sold for on the right. 

Filter ZED RUN Horse Listings with Hawku

To narrow down our search for the next addition to our stable, click the Filters drop down and there’s a plethora of ZED RUN data you can drill down into. 

You can sort by basics like Breed Type and Bloodline, but also have the option to sort by winning percentage, race results shape and more. Maybe you’re looking for a Super Rare Super Coat, or even a specific coat; Hawku makes it easy to find what’s on the market and recent sales of them.

Buying the Right ZED RUN Horse 

We’ve gone through two third party sites to show you how to search for horses to buy. Now I’m going to help you analyze prospective horses to know what to look for and what to avoid.  

Buying an Unraced ZED RUN Horse

If you are looking for only an unraced horse, the main thing you need to watch out for is if the horse you are looking at is actually unraced. This means that the horse is not currently in a Griffin race yet to run. 

You can double check this by going to ZED RUN, navigating to the Racing tab and sorting by Griffin. Click the races (Next to Run and Events) there to make sure the horse is not currently sitting in either of those races. This will take some time, but ensures you’re getting a clean slate for your horse.

Once you’ve done that, search for the horse on Hawku and scroll down to its racing history. If it is in a Griffin waiting to run it will show it here with its odds, but not it’s placing. 

If you want to breed the horse right away, double check that it is eligible. I highlighted where to look for this information on Hawku below.

Buying a Raced ZED RUN Horse

When it comes to raced horses, we will be focusing on their odds, win rate, and return on investment (ROI). 

Note: These criteria are valid at the writing of this article. However, ZED RUN can (and likely will) change the racing structure in the future, which could impact what win-rates and odds are profitable on average. Always do your own research when purchasing a ZED RUN horse.

Using this horse, Zapp Brannigan (great Futurama reference) as an example, we can see that it has pretty good odds (sub 10) at most distances, which is what you want if you are going to have a profitable racehorse. Ideally, you want the horse to have single-digit odds in at least one race length, but you can still have a winner over the long term if they creep up into the low double digits. 

27 races is a decent sample size. Ideally you would like to see races — between three and five — in multiple classes to see how or if the horse’s odds change. But at 27 races, this gives you a good idea of how the horse will perform long-term.

Zapp’s current win rate is 12 percent, but the Expected Win Rate is 15.8 percent based on his odds, which is a very respectable rate. This may change if the horse classes up into more difficult competition.

Things to Avoid when Buying a Raced ZED RUN Horse:

  • High odds — over 15 is likely a losing horse over time, and over 20 in multiple races is a definite losing horse.
  • Low race count — ideally look for a horse that has raced three to five times at most or all race lengths
  • A horse that only runs in free races — Free races can inflate a horse’s win rate and make their odds look better than they actually are, due to lower competition in free races.

Buying Your ZED RUN Horse on OpenSea

Once you’ve chosen the right ZED RUN horse, let’s head back to OpenSea and break down the Buy page and add it to your stable.

At this point, you have done all the research and just would want to double-check that the properties listed on OpenSea match the properties you saw on Hawku.

Recently, OpenSea added the option to pay with your Ethereum wallet or a credit card for gasless transactions, which applies to ZED RUN on the Polygon network.

Once you decide what payment method you are going to use, click the respective button and you follow the prompts to confirm your purchase. If it is successful — congratulations you just bought yourself a beautiful racehorse. It will show up in your OpenSea wallet and your ZED RUN stable ready to hit the track, breed, or chow down on some oats on Hawku.

Get Started with ZED RUN Digital Horse Racing

Exciting things are happening for ZED RUN right now! There’s never been a better time to get in on the action. $20 million Series A funding from Venture Capital groups, a $30 million pledge to prize pools from PlayChip, and Atari horse skins all happened this week alone. 

To learn more about the possibilities for ZED RUN and the long-term vision for the digital horse racing metaverse, listen to our podcast with co-creator Chris Ebling on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or download below!

Follow Cole on Twitter: @StrobeCM. Feel free to reach out with comments or questions on anything ZED RUN related.