Introducing MomentRanks Play Championship Rings: Our Genesis NFT
Introducing MomentRanks Play Championship Rings: Our Genesis NFT

Introducing MomentRanks Play Championship Rings: Our Genesis NFT

by Christian Hardy


The NBA Finals are over, the Larry O’Brien Trophy has paraded through the streets of Milwaukee, and the champagne bottles have run dry. With no more NBA basketball, there’s no more MomentRanks Play contests until the start of next season on October 19 — trust us, we’re devastated, too.

It’s been a whirlwind since we created our flagship Top Shot daily fantasy game in early May. 

Since our launch, Play GMs have fought tooth and nail, scraping toward the blissful promise of a Top Shot pack — along the way, we gave away more than 200 of them. There was ecstasy when GMs skirted into the prize pool in the Daily Contest, heartbreak when they were bumped out by a last-second Moment boost.

Before we officially put a bow on this season, we have to commemorate our Beta season with a special reward for the greatest GMs on Play…

MomentRanks Play Championship Rings!

That’s right, your own championship ring NFT, on us. The accomplishments of 157 Top Shot collectors will forever be stored on the blockchain with 3D renders of championship rings from the first season of MomentRanks Play, the only daily fantasy Top Shot game. 

Across those 157 collectors, there’s a total of 193 rings that will be minted at three distinguishable levels.

  • 61 gold rings adorned with diamonds for first place finishers
  • 61 silver rings adorned with emeralds for second place
  • 71 bronze rings decorated with garnet for third place in Daily Contests, as well as fourth and fifth place only on the Head-to-Head Leaderboards.

Who gets a Ring?

Every GM who set their lineup on MomentRanks Play truly means the world to us. We sincerely thank you for playing and being a part of this first season in which we have learned so much to build on going forward. While we’d love to give each of you something special (honestly, an S1 LeBron wouldn’t even be enough), only a small group of the best-performing GMs will be leaving the first season of MomentRanks Play with a ring. 

Here’s how GMs earned a ring:

Find a list of all of the winners here.

The rings have been minted as NFTs for Play GMs on the Ethereum network. The rings are completely free of charge for GMs and will be sent to the Ethereum wallets of every winner.

How do I claim my Play Championship Ring NFT?

Sign into your MomentRanks account, then go to There, you’ll be able to connect your Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask. We’ll manually send the ring (or rings) to the wallet you connect within 48 hours.

Don’t have a MetaMask (Ethereum wallet) yet? No worries, it’s a two-minute process — probably shorter. Download the MetaMask Chrome Extension here. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to set it up from there. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Are the rings free to claim?

Yes. The rings are completely free of charge for GMs and will be sent to the Ethereum wallets of every winner. Just follow the steps above, and you’ll receive your ring shortly after connecting your wallet to your MomentRanks account — this is a manual process, so be patient!

I played Play every day, but the best I placed was fourth in the Daily Contest. Why don’t I get a ring?

As this is our first NFT airdrop for GMs on Play, we wanted to keep it exclusive to those who became true Play masters. We promise there will be many more opportunities to win cool prizes from us in the future!

How can I get a ring?

If your name was not on the winners list, you’ll have to buy one on the secondary market. The best place to find our NFTs is OpenSea, where you can see the full MomentRanks collection of Play Rings.

What can I do with my Play Championship Ring NFT?

Pat yourself on the back for creating a winning team (or teams) on Play. Look at the ring in awe of the incredible 3D design from our lead of graphic design, Andrew Maybin. Remember to pick your jaw up off the floor. Use it as inspiration to start stacking Moments for next year. Tweet it at Roham and brag about it (then list it on OpenSea for an ungodly amount and see if he bites). Realize you now have one more Championship Ring than Charles Barkley — you can tweet that, too.

OK, really. The answer is there’s no utility for the ring right now that we can tell you about here, but that’s not to say there will never be utility for the ring. 

These 193 rings will always be our genesis NFT, and the GMs who won them are now an integral part of Play, the future of Top Shot utility, and even the future of MomentRanks. If you won one (or get your hands on one), you’re part of the MomentRanks family, and we want to treat you like family.

Digital ownership unlocks a million and a half avenues for utility. There’s no telling what we’ll do for ring holders, but know that we’re already thinking about what we can do to stay connected with you, because we value each of you like MVPs.

If I placed multiple Daily Contests, will I get more than one MomentRanks ring?

Yes. For every time you placed in the top five on the leaderboard or top three in the Daily Contest, you will receive a ring for the corresponding position. Top Shot user and avid Shot Talkin’ chat member efro led all GMs with six rings. Napoleon was second with five rings. These are the official whales of the MomentRanks Championship Ring community.

You can check to see if you won a ring and/or how many you won, on this spreadsheet.

Have questions about our Play Championship Rings or how to claim it? Send us a message on Discord or on Twitter, and we’ll be happy to help.