Introducing MomentRanks Play: Daily Fantasy Sports meets NBA Top Shot Moments

Introducing MomentRanks Play: Daily Fantasy Sports meets NBA Top Shot Moments

byChristian Hardy


There’s a new way to use your NBA Top Shot Moments every day. MomentRanks Play is the first daily fantasy sports game where collectors use Moments they own to build lineups, compete with friends, and win Top Shot prizes.

Any collector with an NBA Top Shot account can now compete on MomentRanks Play!

For the average sports fan, daily fantasy sports are a way to watch NBA games with a stake in the action. Now you can have a rooting interest in NBA games with the Moments in your collection while also competing for daily prizes.

Let’s break down how Play works. You can also learn more about Play in our FAQ.

1. Choosing a Game

There are three game-types for MomentRanks Play. All are free to join.

  1. Private Head-to-Head Game — A two-player game mode where Play general managers (GMs) face off head-to-head. These games are only accessible via the game creator’s private link.
  2. Public Head-to-Head Game — Same as private head-to-head, except new head-to-heads will be posted in the lobby for any collector to accept.
  3. Daily Contest — A multiplayer highest points contest where all entries compete for daily prizes. The top scores of the day receive Top Shot prizes.
MomentRank Play Top Shot DFS fantasy sports

Your Top Shot account must be verified before you join any game. Currently, collectors can join a max of 10 head-to-head games per day — this does not include the Daily Contest.

The Daily Points Contest results will not be reflected on the Play Leaderboard. However, all head-to-head games (both private and public) will impact your standings on the leaderboard.

Many more Play game types are coming soon. Feel free to send suggestions or feedback for the game types we should add next!

MomentRanks Play Top Shot DFS fantasy sports

2. Picking Your Play Lineup

After you’ve joined your game, now comes the fun part: choosing your lineup. For every game type, your lineup will consist of five Moments.

GMs can choose any five Moments in their collection with only two rules:

  1. No player can be played in the same lineup more than once, even if different Moments are used.
  2. Players selected must play in an NBA game the day the lineup is created.

Lineups cannot be changed after any player’s game in either lineup starts.

Something to keep in mind if you’re heading to the Top Shot marketplace to complete your lineup: Almost all Moments purchased via the Top Shot marketplace will appear in your Play account within five minutes of purchasing. However, we recommend collectors purchase any Moments they want to use in their lineup at least 90 minutes before lock to ensure the Moments arrive on time.

3. Moments Score Based on in-game Performance

After lock, it’s game-time. On Play, you’ll see live scoring from your players based on the stats they are accruing in their game in real-time.

Every player’s total MR Score in Play consists of a Base Score and a Moment Boost.

Base Score

Base score is similar to a score in daily fantasy sports. All Moments receive a Base Score based on the following criteria:

  • Points: 1
  • Rebounds: 1
  • Assists: 1.5
  • Steals: 2
  • Block: 2

Moment Boost

A Moment’s Moment Boost is only unlocked if the player accrues stats over their 10-game average for the Moment’s specific play type in the game. (Note: you can view 10-game averages for the player by clicking on their name at any time.) 

Moment Boost = boost floor (based on rarity) + play category boost (number over 10-game average * play category boost score)

Boost floor is based on the rarity of the Moment. If a player outperforms their 10-game average in the Moment’s play type, that Moment will automatically receive points based on its rarity: 5 for Common, 8 for Rare, and 12 for Legendary. 

Play category boost is scored according to the stats the player accrued over their 10-game average for the specific play type. Here’s how play category boosts are scored.

  • Points: 0.5 — Dunk, Layup, Jump Shot Moments fall in this play category
  • Assists: 5 — Assist and Handles Moments fall in this play category
  • 3-Pointers: 7
  • Steals: 12
  • Blocks: 16

Dunk, Layup, and Jump Shot Moments are all associated with the “Points” category. 3-pointer Moments will only receive a boost if the player goes over their 10-game average for made 3-pointers. 

Learn more about scoring in our Play FAQ.

Note: Handles Moments are not tied to any Moment Boost categories. No Handles Moments are currently eligible to receive Moment Boosts.

Examples of Moment Boosts

Remember: all Moments receive a Base Score regardless of their Moment Boost.

Example 1: You play a Series 1 LeBron James Common Dunk Moment and LeBron scores 10.5 points over his 10-game average for scoring. The play category boost is (10.5 * 0.5) = 5.25 and the boost floor is 5 for Common Moments. Moment Boost = 5.25 + 5 = 10.25. 

Example 2: You play a Series 1 Luka Doncic Common 3-Pointer Moment and Doncic tallies under his 10-game average for 3-pointers. This Moment does not receive any Moment Boost and will only receive a base score. 

Example 3: You play a Series 2 Rudy Gobert Legendary Block Moment and Gobert tallies 2.2 blocks more than his 10-game average for Blocks. The play category boost is (2.2 * 16) = 35.2 and the boost floor is 12 for Legendary Moments. Moment Boost = 35.2 + 12 = 47.2.

4. Claim your spot as the Greatest Top Shot GM

Every Play head-to-head contest counts toward your spot on the Play Top 200 Leaderboard, where GMs are ranked by their total Play wins.

Once the Daily Contest is live, GMs can view the top score and lineups in the contest for the day, including their own spot. When games are complete, the top three GMs in the Daily Contest will win Top Shot Moments. 

Play Beta: Now Open to all Top Shot Collectors!

During the 2021 NBA Playoffs, we’re opening up Play beta to all Top Shot collectors. This postseason, your feedback is vital to the success, iteration, and improvement of Play.

First, we ask that you submit any feedback, bugs, or suggestions through our Bugs and Feedback form. Secondly, you can reach us directly in a few ways.

  1. Via Twitter, by tweeting or DMing @MomentRanks or Christian Hardy, Lead of Content, @ByHardy.
  2. On Discord, by using the #feedback or #bugs channel, or pinging Christian Hardy | MomentRanks (incompleteorder#7515).

Stay tuned for special daily contests throughout the 2021 NBA Playoffs!