MomentRanks Play NBA Finals Head-to-Head Contest: Win Top Shot Packs and Moments

MomentRanks Play NBA Finals Head-to-Head Contest: Win Top Shot Packs and Moments

by Brian Kelleher


30 teams started the 2020-21 NBA season with dreams of the NBA Finals and 16 of those teams survived to make the NBA Playoffs. Now, after all of the twists and turns of the NBA Playoffs, the Phoenix Suns and Milwaukee Bucks have outlasted them all to meet in the NBA Finals. 

Will Chris Paul cement his legacy and finally win a ring with Devin Booker? Will Giannis Antetokounmpo overcome injury and raise his first Larry O’Brien Trophy? The biggest question is: Which Top Shot GM will win the inaugural MomentRanks Play NBA Finals Head-to-Head contest?

The Head-to-Head Contest prizes for Play, MomentRanks’ daily fantasy for NBA Top Shot, are heating up for the NBA Finals. Through the Finals, Top Shot collectors can play head-to-heads with their Moments for a chance to win Top Shot prizes — max 10 playoff head-to-head games per day. 

The top 50 GMs at the end of the Finals will win Top Shot Debut Moments, rookie Moments, Cool Cats Drop 1 and 2 packs, Series 2 Release 32 packs, and Series 2 Release 36 packs.

We’re still awarding Top Shot Moments and packs to the GMs with the highest daily scores with Play Daily Contest. But the best NBA GMs put out their top squad day-in and day-out. There’s no better way to prove the greatness of your collection than with head-to-head contests during every NBA Finals game.

Let’s get into how to Play in the NBA Finals Head-to-Head Playoffs Contest and the Top Shot prizes that GMs will be competing for.

MomentRanks NBA Finals Head-to-Head Contest Prizes

Top Shot prizes will be awarded to the top 50 GMs at the end of the NBA Finals according to points on the head-to-head NBA Finals Playoff Contest Leaderboard. Rewards for the Finals Head-to-Head Contest will be distributed within 48 hours of the final game of the NBA Finals.

Here’s the breakdown of the NBA Finals head-to-head contest prizes. More details to be announced.

  • 3x Series 1 TS Debut Moments
  • 1x Cool Cats Drop 1 Packs
  • 6x Cool Cats Drop 2 Packs
  • 15x Series 2, Release 32 Packs
  • 5x Series 2, Release 36 Packs
  • 10x Series 2 TS Debut Moments
  • 10x Series 2 Rookie Moments

NBA Finals H2H Playoff Contest Leaderboard

GMs will receive one point for a win, lose one point for a loss, and receive half-point for a draw on the leaderboard. The leaderboard will be updated daily after all games have been completed.

In the case of a tie on the leaderboard within the top 50 at the end of the contest, the win percentage across all games (ties included as a non-win) will be used as the tiebreaker.

Collectors are able to play 10 playoff head-to-head games per day. Only public head-to-heads will count toward your score on the Leaderboard. Private head-to-head games will not count toward the 10 daily head-to-heads limit or your score on the leaderboard. 

How to Play the Head-to-Head Contests

Getting started using your Top Shot Moments on Play is easy. You can get an intro to Play on our blog.

  1. Go to Follow instructions carefully to verify your Top Shot account, so you can start using your Moments in games.
  1. Go to the head-to-head page on Play. Here, you can join an open head-to-head game posted by a fellow GM there, or you can create your own playoff head-to-head match that will be posted to the lobby. GMs can join up to 10 public head-to-heads per day.
  1. Set your lineup by selecting five Moments from your collection of players playing a game today. Once you’ve selected players, your lineup is automatically saved. View our Play FAQ or watch our tutorial for details on the scoring.
  1. Once the game starts, watch your players’ live scores in real-time on the My Games page.
  1. After all of the day’s games are completed, the Leaderboard scores will be updated, and you can join 10 more head-to-head games for the next game.

Updates to Play scoring

As mentioned above, you can watch our new Play scoring for more details on how scoring works. 

For the remainder of the 2021 NBA Playoffs Finals, Rare and Legendary Moments will get the same boost floor (based on rarity) of 8 points. Commons will remain at a 5 point boost floor.

We have made one change in how head-to-heads are scored: any team that does not submit a lineup will get a 0 and take a loss. The other team will record a win. Previously, these games had been canceled. Make sure to set your lineups if you join a Playoffs head-to-head contest!

Ground Rules for Head-to-Head Contests

We have disabled the ability to view GM names and records in the head-to-head lobby to create a level playing field for all collectors. Collector name and win-loss record will appear in the lineup selection screen after a game starts, but never before.

However, as with all good things, there are always some who will attempt to skirt the rules. Please be keenly aware that the MomentRanks team will be closely monitoring all head-to-head games and opponents to ensure there is no colluding between GMs or bad actors who taint the integrity of Play. This includes GMs who consistently enter head-to-head contests and do not submit any players for their lineups, any pattern of throwing games, or any dishonest way of a GM improving or padding their record.

We reserve the right to reset your record or freeze your ability to Play if we see a consistent pattern of abusing head-to-head games. All winners of the Play Head-to-Head Playoffs Contest will be thoroughly vetted by the MomentRanks team before receiving their reward.

Play Beta: Now Open to all Top Shot Collectors!

During the 2021 NBA Playoffs and continuing into the NBA Finals, we’ve opened up Play beta to all Top Shot collectors. This postseason, your feedback is vital to the success and improvement of Play.

We continue to make improvements to the first daily Top Shot fantasy game, and cannot thank the community enough for their valuable feedback.

First, we ask that you submit any feedback, bugs, or suggestions through our Bugs and Feedback form. Secondly, you can reach us directly in a few ways.

  1. Via Twitter, by tweeting or DMing @MomentRanks or Christian Hardy, Lead of Content, @ByHardy.

On Discord, by using the #play, #feedback or #bugs channels, or pinging Christian Hardy | MomentRanks (incompleteorder#7515).