MomentRanks Raises $4.2M to Bring NFTs to the Mainstream

MomentRanks Raises $4.2M to Bring NFTs to the Mainstream

byDanny Adkins


We’re big believers in the transformative power of blockchain — for the uncompromising transparency, unmediated creativity, and unparalleled community that it generates. 

To our team, the early adoption of NFTs represents a watershed moment in crypto. For the first time, citizens of the global Internet are carrying their unique assets across the web instead of leaving them locked in walled gardens. Genuine relationships are already being formed as we trace out the early social graph on-chain. Communities are buying into creators’ work to create positive collaboration and feedback loops. As the $FWB leaders describe, users can “gather around a vibe.” 

Everything is its opposite. Despite tremendous adoption this year, we’ve noticed that NFTs have gotten even more difficult instead of less. More marketplaces mean more creators, but also fragmented data and frequent context switching for users. More projects mean more art, but also more noise and risk. More blockchains mean more flexibility and scalability, but also more disjointed identity management.

MomentRanks is here to help solve those problems; to make collecting about passion and building meaningful connections, instead of a buying process.

Today, we’re proud to announce a new $4.2 million fundraising round, led by Ash Egan’s Acrylic Crypto with participation from amazing investors who can help us build an accessible layer to NFTs, including:

This group of high-impact investors has shown consistent dedication to the future of web3, and will help us stay focused on what matters most: building for the community.

We’re focused on bringing the most engaging and helpful features for NFT collectors across the spectrum, from our beloved NBA Top Shot community, to the Bored Apes living on the Ethereum chain, and other infinite use cases that arise with NFTs.

We’ve come a long way from serial number-based account valuation with our launch in February, but we’re still only just beginning. Tooling like our marketplace listing explorer, our portfolio page for ETH NFTs, our communities, and more will only become more useful and more personal. 

With the first stage of our ETH NFT valuations built, we’re focused on creating new ways to highlight the personality, curation, and contributions of every member of the NFT ecosystem. We’re building to give collectors tools to identify with and share their collection, while also making their NFT research easier across the board. 

Over the coming months, we’re growing our team rapidly. If you’re interested in joining MomentRanks as a backend engineer, a frontend engineer, a solidity engineer, a Head of Growth, or are otherwise in love with the space, reach out or apply through our jobs page.

Questions about the future of MomentRanks? Follow MomentRanks on Twitter or join our growing community on Discord.