NFT resource MomentRanks Raises $1.7M in Seed Funding: Here’s What’s Next

NFT resource MomentRanks Raises $1.7M in Seed Funding: Here’s What’s Next

by Will Hay


We are beyond excited to announce that we have secured $1.7 million in seed round funding from a syndicate of top tier investors including Boston Seed Capital and Dapper Labs, the company behind NBA Top Shot. This represents a major milestone in our mission to make NFTs accessible to everyone.

Through our analysis tools, social features, daily fantasy game, and educational content we’ve aimed to drastically improve the NFT collector experience. Since our launch in February, we have seen tremendous growth and encouraging feedback from the Top Shot community.

As the NFT space continues to grow, we will use this seed round investment to scale up development of our infrastructure, grow our team of top-notch data scientists, designers, engineers, and content creators, and ultimately take the NFT collecting experience to the next level.

From MomentRanks CEO Danny Adkins:

“This is a monumental inflection point in our vision toward becoming the premier NFT hub, the ongoing collaboration from our community of supporters, content creators and engineers has allowed us to reach this milestone, and with funding from Dapper Labs, Boston Seed Capital and other vital investors, we’ll continue to dramatically bolster our user experience, which is the hallmark of our platform. We’re poised to see MomentRanks become the gateway for anyone to learn about NFTs, begin collecting and engage with fellow members of the community.”

On the horizon for MomentRanks

Improving the reliability, accuracy, and customizability of the analysis tools on our platform will continue to be a priority. Educational content from our incredible Content team will continue to inform this new generation of digital collectors on their journeys.

Furthermore, we plan to drastically improve MomentRanks Play, our Top Shot daily fantasy game, to make the Top Shot experience more fun and social for collectors. Our team has already given away hundreds of packs to Top Shot collectors, but by the start of the 2021-2022 NBA season, new game modes and other unannounced improvements can be expected.

Finally, building a more accessible user experience for all newcomers to NBA Top Shot will be a strong point of focus for us in the coming months.

To NBA Top Shot Collectors: Thank you

MomentRanks would not be where we are today without such an amazing group of NBA Top Shot collectors. With this new round of funding, we will continue to build an unmatched user experience for you all.

By the way… we’re hiring. 🤝

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