Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 3 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play

Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 3 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play

by Justin Perri


The Suns took Game 2 of the NBA Finals and forced a must-win situation for Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Bucks. Milwaukee gains the home court advantage and is the favorite to win Game 3, which makes the Bucks players prime options for the MomentRanks Play Daily Contest. 

We saw Mikal Bridges make an appearance in the winning lineup in Game 2. Will there be a player from the home team outside of Giannis, Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday to make an impact? Time will tell.

There’s a few must-start plays and some tough choices when building your lineup. The must-plays look to be Booker, Paul, Giannis, Middleton and Holiday — but that feels too easy. I’ll give out a sleeper or two along with quick thoughts on which Moment I like for each of the core five. 

Check out some of the best plays for MomentRanks tonight sorted by price briefly here: 

Under $20 Top Shot Moments:

Chris Paul — Series 2 Common /35,000 Assist ($8)

Devin Booker— Series 2 Common /35,000 3-Pointer ($12)

Giannis Antetokoumpo — Series 2 Common /35,000 Block ($12) 

Under $100 Top Shot Moments:

Deandre Ayton — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($30) 

Khris Middleton— Series 1 Common /3,288 3-Pointer ($55) 

Jrue Holiday — Series 1 Common /3,342 Assist ($119) 

Always remember that when building your team on MomentRanks Play, each Moment can unlock a Moment Boost by achieving over their last-ten game averages (L10) in the stat that corresponds to the featured play. This means choosing the correct Moment is crucial to your lineup’s success. You can also watch this quick tutorial on Play scoring if you ever need a refresher.

Core Moments

Chris Paul — Series 2 Common /35,000 Assist ($8) 

Paul is likely to shoot less and pass more on the road, and if the Bucks take revenge and win this game by a large margin it will come at the expense of his performance. I would be cautious with Paul and expect him to be one of the lower scoring core players tonight. You still need him in your lineup as he could reach double-digit assists. 

Khris Middleton — Series 1 Common /3,288 3-Pointer ($55) 

Still a must-play Moment even after Middleton shot horribly in Game 2. Middleton’s best moment was the handles Moment for the last game, but that’s because he shot only 1-of-8 from deep. If anything, his lackluster performance might signal a big game coming tonight since the Bucks have their back against the wall. He again needs three triples to activate the boost, but it’s a key moment for tonight and I’ve locked it in. 

Devin Booker — Series 2 Common /35,000 3-Pointer ($12)

This one hit last game and I’ll keep going with it. Booker is a shooter first, plain and simple. I expect the Suns to lose so if that happens I do see Booker attempting to shoot his way out of it. It might not totally work, but with high attempt volume comes plain dumb luck. Plus, he’s one of the greatest basketball talents in the world, which helps just a bit. 

I understand pivoting to Handles again but I think his assists come with scoring volume, and I suspect the Suns are held in check tonight. Take the shot on the 3-pointer. 

Giannis Antetokoumpo — Series 2 Common /35,000 Block ($12) 

Bang!! Can I say bang? Nothing better than nailing the must-have Moment in our Game 2 article. Giannis recorded three blocks in Game 2 which added a 38.5 point boost to his 66 point base score. Devin Booker’s 3-pointer had a bigger boost by about 3 points, but this was a tougher call that could have severely backfired and it did the opposite. 

I’m not going away from it, Giannis will need to keep protecting the rim and scoring boosts are really his only other potential as he has stopped passing nearly as much as he did in previous rounds. 

Jrue Holiday — Series 1 Common /3,342 Assist ($119) 

Jrue Holiday absolutely has got to show up tonight. There’s no other way to put it. He will play his hardest, he won’t settle for bad jump shots and he will create open lanes and shots by driving to the basket. Holiday’s going to dish out more than eight assists tonight and has a good chance to record a double-double on his home floor. 

I think with the value of the assist boost this is a must-play moment, but if you don’t want to pay the price I would consider sitting Jrue for a sleeper. 

Sleeper Moments

Deandre Ayton — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($30) 

This is a blurb recommending to ignore Ayton tonight. He only has one Moment type — scoring — and likely will be held under if the Suns lose. Scoring is the worst boost genre and with how desperate and aggressive the Bucks will be there is a good chance Ayton gets bodied in the paint on both ends and has a less impactful night on the stat sheet. 

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