Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 5 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play
Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 5 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play

Pick & Roll: Bucks-Suns NBA Finals Game 5 DFS Picks for MomentRanks Play

by Justin Perri


Game 5 is always a decider for any series in the NBA Playoffs. The Bucks impressively stormed back in Milwaukee and dominated the fourth quarter of Game 4 to tie the series at 2-2. But home court advantage has been the trend thus far. Will the Bucks steal a win and maybe the series in Phoenix tonight? I think they have a decent shot, and it should be a rather straightforward night on MomentRanks Play, Top Shot daily fantasy.

What’s been obvious is that Chris Paul has been getting hounded defensively by Jrue Holiday and has consequently turned the ball over more than one would expect. You need all the possessions you can get when going against the scoring duo of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Khris Middleton. These two showed their star power in Milwaukee, but the challenge tonight will be predicting if they can carry the momentum with them to Phoenix. 

It is another rather straightforward night for MomentRanks Play. I again feel as though you need to go with Booker, Paul, Giannis, Middleton and Holiday. You maybe can look to Mikal Bridges or Deandre Ayton, but choosing who to bench from the core five won’t be easy. 

The crucial issue will be which Moment boost we attempt to hit,  I’ll discuss that in some more detail below. You can also find a brief list sorted by price below. 

Under $20 Top Shot Moments:

Jrue Holiday — Series 1 Common /40,000+ Jump Shot ($6)

Chris Paul — Series 2 Common /35,000 Assist ($12)

Devin Booker— Series 2 Common /35,000 3-Pointer ($11)

Giannis Antetokoumpo — Series 2 Common /35,000 Block ($11)

Under $100 Top Shot Moments:

Deandre Ayton — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($25)

Khris Middleton— Series 1 Common /3,288 3-Pointer ($48)

Always remember that when building your team on MomentRanks Play, each Moment can unlock a Moment Boost by achieving over their last-ten game averages (L10) in the stat that corresponds to the featured play. This means choosing the correct Moment is crucial to your lineup’s success. You can also watch this quick tutorial on Play scoring if you ever need a refresher.

Core Moments

Chris Paul — Series 2 Common /35,000 Assist ($12) 

Game 4 was the worst playoff game that Chris Paul has had in since he was on the Clippers playing against the Spurs in 2015. That was Paul’s 56th career playoff game, tonight will be his 128th. I do think that Paul will bounce back and we will see that mostly in the assist category. He will need nine assists to activate his boost, but this should be a double-double night for him if the Suns are to win. 

Khris Middleton — Series 1 Common /3,288 3-Pointer ($48) 

Middleton came back down to earth in the assist column with just four in the most recent game after combining for 14 in Games 2 and 3. This recent run of passing means he would need 7 assists to activate the boost as he has a 6.1 average over the last 10. 

I’ll default to the three-point Moment because Middleton’s last three games where he hit 4+ shots from deep all were on the road. We will need three to unlock the boost but I think this is a high upside Moment and a smart core play. 

Devin Booker — Series 2 Common /35,000 3-Pointer ($11)

Booker attempted 20 shots from deep in the two Suns home games and just 10 in the two away games, so it looks like he will be shooting more on his home floor. However, Booker has had cooler games following the two 40+ scoring nights during the playoff run, failing to score more than 21 points in either. Even if Booker can’t follow up with another huge game, you still will need him for his base score and it looks like, if anything, the shots he takes will be from behind the arc. 

Giannis Antetokoumpo — Series 2 Common /35,000 Block ($11) 

You’re going to want to stay with this Moment, Giannis recorded four blocks in the first two games in Phoenix and will likely be needed to guard the rim again this evening. After his picturesque block on Ayton at the end of Game 4, we might see even more attempts from Antetokounmpo to reject shots. 

His assist numbers have creeped up the last few games, but I think that’s a result of being at home. Look for that as a good Game 6 play. Take the block Moment again this time around. 

Jrue Holiday — Series 2 Common /40,000+ Jump Shot ($6) 

I know this is unheard of, but I am going to play Holiday on a scoring Moment. He needs 10 assists to unlock the bonus points on assists and I think that might be a tough number for him to reach with his main assignment being defending Paul. He has yet to top nine in any game during the Finals. 

However, his usage rate and time on the floor mean he should still get a good base score. You can consider pivoting him out for a sleeper below with a higher upside boost. 

Sleeper Moments

Deandre Ayton — Series 2 Common /15,000 Dunk ($25) 

Ayton has gotten out to hot starts in recent games but the Bucks figured out how to keep him from dominating the paint when it mattered most. I think that might change a bit tonight with the home crowd behind Ayton again. He does only need 17 points to activate the only boost type available to him, and I think it could be worth consideration if you want some variance in your lineups.

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