Sorare Explained: Global Fantasy Soccer with NFTs

Sorare Explained: Global Fantasy Soccer with NFTs

byJordan Kligman


With Sorare, soccer fans now have an NFT fantasy game they can rally around. Sorare is an NFT startup that created a global fantasy soccer game on the Ethereum blockchain in 2018. But during the NFT surge of 2021, Sorare’s emerged as one of the top sports NFTs in the world, recording over $100 million total in sales.

Recently, Sorare announced that it received a $680 million funding round led by Japanese conglomerate Softbank. And this is just the start, as they’ll now build their game from here. Currently, Sorare has ten major soccer leagues on the site, including 200 clubs, and more being added constantly.

But it’s rumored that they have their eyes set after adding the English Premier League. With the Spanish LaLiga and Bundesliga (the top German league) just signed, new leagues would be no surprise. 

But if you’ve never heard of Sorare, it can be quite confusing for newcomers, especially those without soccer knowledge. So, let’s get right into everything you can do on Sorare, including collecting the top players in the world and their fantasy games. 

What is Sorare?

Sorare is a global fantasy soccer game where you can play with officially licensed NFTs earning prizes in weekly contests. In Sorare, your NFTs are digitally licensed soccer cards of players. With these cards, you can enter them in free tournaments to win digital and physical prizes. 

Sorare Soccer NFTs: Fantasy Soccer

Each week, there are several tournaments to enter that are split into two game weeks. In every tournament, you put together your team of five cards that fit the specifications and earn points in Sorare based on your players’ performances in real-time.

For example, in one tournament, you can only submit players that are under 23 years old. In certain instances like these, you’ll have to scavenge the market to find players that fit the criteria for the lineup — similar to an NBA Top Shot challenge

Over time, the more you use each card in contests, each gains XP points, giving them bigger boosts in tournaments. These boosts allow you to advance to higher divisions that contain larger prizes.

As a bonus, in addition to these cards being usable in Sorare’s fantasy soccer game, the cards can be used in other games built by gaming companies such as Ubisoft — a video game company which has created games such as Far Cry and Assassin’s Creed. They can also be used in games created by members of the community.

Sorare NFT fantasy soccer leagues

Sorare Games

Currently, the other games listed are:

What is a Sorare card?

A Sorare card is a digitally licensed collectible, similar to a trading car, but on the blockchain with special attributes. On Sorare, each player card is unique. If you’re familiar with NBA Top Shot, it’s very similar, though instead of Moments, it’s only images of the featured players. 

Sorare Card Attributes

Like Top Shot or trading cards, there are separate card tiers on Sorare, each differentiated by scarcity. Scarcities can also be distinguished by the color of the card. All of this data is stored on the blockchain, which means provable scarcity, and cards can not be duplicated.

  • Limited – 1,000 editions per season
  • Rare – 100 editions per season
  • Super Rare – 10 editions per season
  • Unique – 1 edition per season

All players are also differentiated by the position they play. These four positions include: forward, midfielder, defender, or goalkeeper. 

Lionel Messi Card on Sorare Global Fantasy Football

To understanding everything on a player card: let’s break down this Lionel Messi card above. Looking above, on the top left of the card, you can see the year it was issued along with the card edition and size. On the upper right-hand corner, you have the team’s crest he plays for (Paris St. Germain), paired with the number 30. The is just a random number allocated to each player. And along the bottom, you can view the player’s age, position, and country they play for (Argentina for Messi).

But, acquiring cards of highly-productive players like Lionel Messi will cost you a hefty chunk of change. To add cards to your arsenal and build your teams to win prizes, you’ll have to hit the market.

Explaining the Sorare market

The Sorare market is how you acquire cards to play in games. Of course, this isn’t the only way of receiving cards, as you can win player cards through tournaments, but the market is the simplest way to find what you’re looking for.

When you first land on Sorare, you will receive cards for completing user onboarding. But after these steps, you’ll have to either bid on new cards or buy new cards from existing owners.

Whichever you choose, the market is the easiest way to find the cards you need with allocated filters making it straightforward locating cards. On the market, you’ll find additional numbers and symbols located under the card, all having different meanings. 

Player cards for purchase on Sorare
Player cards for purchase on Sorare

The first number under each card is the average player score from their last five matches. The second number is a percentage, which is the percent XP boost you get from playing them in your lineup. And the final number shows if they’re under 23 or not. 

Ultimately, buying cards from the market itself is simple. After you click the bid button for the card you’ve selected, you’ll be asked to either bid through your credit card or to buy with Ethereum. And after that, you’ll get an email saying you’re the highest bidder. That’s it. If no one outbids you, the card is yours and will be added to your collection.

Should I start with Sorare?

The answer will be very dependent on the person, but if you have an interest in soccer and follow along to compete in the games, the answer is an overwhelming yes! If you don’t know much about soccer or the players, this might not the NFT game for you. Remember, the utility for Sorare is a fantasy soccer game and the games built around it.

When you create your account on Sorare, you’ll get the first cards in your collection for free to start building your team, even including some cards from your favorite club on the site. All just by signing up.

Despite Sorare’s existence on the blockchain for three years, there is still so much untapped potential. With over 3.5 billion soccer fans in the world — the most of any sport — once more people pour into NFTs, expect Sorare to climb the NFT charts.

It’s only a matter of time before Sorare onboards some of the best leagues still waiting to appear on Sorare, like the Serie A (top Italian League) or the English Premier League, especially considering their recent large funding round.

There is plenty of potential. To keep up with Sorare, follow Sorare on Twitter. And if you want to give Sorare a go for yourself, click the link here to get started.

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