The Missing Pack Drop: What Happened to Series 2, Release 27 Packs?

The Missing Pack Drop: What Happened to Series 2, Release 27 Packs?

by Brian Kelleher


Did you know there’s a planned NBA Top Shot pack drop that has never actually been released? The elusive Series 2, Release 27 Pack Drop consists of 50,000 Base Set packs and was initially set to take place some time between April 1, 2021 (Base Set Release 26) and April 12, 2021 (Base Set Release 28).

Due to the introduction of rebound packs for the Legendary Holo Icon Series 2, Drop 2, the Release 27 pack drop was skipped at the time. Almost three months later, the Release 27 Base packs have not been released via a pack drop.

Now, Top Shot has said there are no plans to have an official sale of these Release 27 packs. So where did they go?

Why did Base Set Release 27 Never get Released?

The introduction of rebound packs meant new Base Set drops were created, thus pushing back the Release 27 drop. 

Top Shot estimated that approximately 82,000 collectors who entered the Holo Icon queue would be eligible for the first-ever Rebound Packs. Since Series 2, Release 27 only contained 50,000 packs, Top Shot created Release 28 containing more than 82,000 packs to ensure everyone eligible received a rebound pack.

Per an Office Hours Discord chat from April, Community Manager Jacob Eisenberg said Top Shot was planning to drop the Release 27 packs at some point in the future. He then joked about a Release 27 ESPN 30 for 30 investigation surrounding these packs.

In the last we’ve officially heard about Release 27, Jacob said: “There will come a time when Release 27 gets re-integrated in.”

What’s Happening to Series 2, Release 27 packs?

Most collectors have since forgotten about these phantom packs. Only a few members of the NBA Top Shot community have even mentioned the mysterious Series 2, Release 27 packs since April, including Jon Jackson (@jonboybeats), who speculated the long lost packs would be used as rebound packs for the recent Legendary Holo Icon Drop 3:

NBA Top Shot recently confirmed to MomentRanks that there are no plans to have an official sale of Series 2, Release 27 packs. However, Top Shot is still putting the stockpiled packs to good use.

Since these were packed in April, many have been used to resolve customer support issues, for giveaways, and a small number have been used for “rebound pack replacements” for collectors who had issues in previous pack queues.

“We set aside the whole release at the time. Now we have a stockpile of these Base Set packs to potentially help with these issues,” Top Shot community manager Luke McIntyre (eldumbo) said. “This is super handy for us. We want to let people know the release hasn’t been ignored!”

The remaining packs could be used as future rebound packs or in community giveaways, as well as for on-going collector support.

“To be clear, those packs being set aside has had no impact on our plans around pack releases or drops for the community at large,” McIntyre said.

What’s in the Series 2, Release 27 Packs?

Now that we know the packs will be released, let’s look at what moments are waiting for collectors inside the packs. Of course, each of these 50,000 packs each contain three Series 2 Base Set Moments.

Evan Fournier and PJ Tucker are just a few of the players who no longer play for the same team as they did when Release 27 was supposed to take place — and thus, no more of these Moments will be minted. Most notably, there are several special #1 and jersey number serials packed in Release 27. 

According to the complete list of Moments available in the packs, there are seven #1 serial Moments hidden in the Series 2, Release 27 packs:

Beyond just these highly-coveted number ones, there are at least eight jersey match serial number Moments that could be in these packs. “Could be in these packs” indicates jersey matches that are in an unopened Base Set Series 2 pack, with the parent Moment included in this pack drop.

Lastly, there are several Three-Star Rookie Moments (/4,000 mint) in these packs. Here’s the full list of these highly-coveted Series 2 Base Set Moments.

What’s Next for These Packs?

To this point, it’s unclear if all of Release 27 packs will be distributed before Series 2 is officially retired or if Top Shot will hold them into the future. We know that Top Shot has an extensive vault of packs that they’re holding onto as of now, as packs are typically withheld from every pack drop for customer support and marketing. 

Regardless, if you are a James Wiseman fan who is dying to rip open a pack with his #1 serial or jersey match Moment, you’ll have to keep waiting for these packs to get distributed. 

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