Top Shot Collector Score Bonuses Explainer: Holo Icon Pack Drop
Top Shot Collector Score Bonuses Explainer: Holo Icon Pack Drop

Top Shot Collector Score Bonuses Explainer: Holo Icon Pack Drop

by Brian Kelleher


NBA Top Shot’s Collector Score continues to evolve, giving dedicated collectors with vast collections access to the most exclusive packs on Top Shot. In a recent blog post introducing the final Holo Icon drop for Series 2, it was announced that experimental bonuses will be added to Collector Score to help collectors reach the 7,500 Collector Score mark needed to enter the Holo Icon queue.

You can find the most efficient ways to reach these bonuses and improve your Collector Score on our spreadsheet, as well as the list of players and Moments needed to complete each bonus. Your Collector Score will be updated at least once a day in your NBA Top Shot account.

These new Collector Score bonuses are tied to the actual Moments and distributed via point multipliers for each specific Moment or set, as opposed to a whole number bonus for completing a full set or team.

For example, if you hold all 18 Hustle and Show Moments, you will receive 2x the Collector Score of each Moment in that set (or a 100 percent bonus). So the ‘normal’ collector score for a Trae Young H&S Moment is 20 points, but if you hold the entire H&S set, that Trae Young Moment is now worth 40 Collector Score points for you.

To see what each Moment is worth without a bonus on your Collector Score, take a look at Top Shot’s introduction blog which assigns each Moment a point value based on series, tier, set, and challenges.

Let’s get into a summary of the new bonuses.

Set Completion Bonus

Collectors will get 100 percent Collector Score boost (or 2x points) for each Moment included in a set if they hold the entire set. Collectors will not receive the bonus for any duplicate Moments that they own from that set; only the first full set will receive the bonus points. However, points for stacking complete sets may be added in the future.

In the above example with Hustle and Show, for a collector’s first complete of the set, they will receive a 2x bonus — each Moment now worth 40, Challenge Rewards worth 60 for the Hustle and Show set. However, on the second complete Hustle and Show set a collector owns, there will be no bonus applied.

See the best sets to complete on a per-dollar basis on the “Full Set Bonus” tab of our Holo Icon Drop bonuses spreadsheet

Collector Score Bonuses NBA Top Shot

Series Team Completion Bonus

Collectors will get a 50 percent Collector Score boost (or 1.5x points) for each Series 1 Moment if they own a Moment from every player from that Moment’s team that was created in Series 1. Collectors will also get the same boost for each Series 2 Moment if they own a Moment from every player from that Moment’s team that was created in Series 2.

On our spreadsheet, you can see the players needed to complete the Series Team Bonus and get your boost on the “Unique Series” tabs, as well as the most efficient teams to reach the boost for on the “Collector Score Cost Efficiency” tab. On that list, you can also see the players needed for the Series Team bonus and the lowest cost to acquire them.

Collector Score Bonuses NBA Top Shot

Important note: Collectors will get the additional bonus points for each and every Moment (including stacks) of the specific team owned if you hold all players from the team in a specific series.

For example, if you have collected all 15 required Brooklyn Nets players from Series 2, those Moments will each get a 0.5x multiplier toward Collector Score, and all future Series 2 Brooklyn Nets Moments added to your collection will also receive the 0.5x multiplier.

Full Team Completion Bonus

Collectors will get an additional 150 percent Collector Score boost (or 2.5x points) for each 2 Moment if they hold one Moment of every player from that specific team ever created on Top Shot. 

Unlike the set completion, collectors will get the additional Collector Score bonus for each and every Moment of the specific team that they hold if they hold all players from the team.

For example, if a collector owned one Moment from every Nets player on Top Shot, a 12 point Series 2 Common Moment would increase to be worth 30 points. Some teams are more efficient to complete than others — see the full team bonus list here. On that list, you can also see the players needed for the bonus and the lowest cost to acquire them.

Collector Score Bonuses NBA Top Shot

In the above example, if you owned one Moment from every Nets player on Top Shot and a Moment of every Nets player created in Series 2, your bonuses would stack for a 200 percent (or 3x points) total bonus. This means each Series 2 Base Set Moment would be worth 36 points (or 12 x 3). Stacking these two bonuses is the most efficient way to increase Collector Score on a per Moment basis.

You can see how far along your are on Series Team and Full Team Completion Bonuses on your Collector Score page on Top Shot.

Collector Score NBA Top Shot

Additional Collector Score Bonuses for the Holo Icon Drop

Marketplace Bonus

Collectors will also receive a Marketplace Bonus for the upcoming Holo Icon drop based on their net spend in the Top Shot marketplace. This spend does not include packs. You can view this bonus on your Top Shot Collector Score page. 

Marketplace Bonus is based on a snapshot taken on June 10 — it considers your spend between January 31 and June 10 at 12 p.m. EST. Here’s how the bonus breaks down:

Collector Score Bonuses NBA Top Shot

Challenge Reward Bonus

The Challenge Reward Bonus was rolled out on May 19, and will be used again for the upcoming Holo Icon drop. Collectors will receive a bonus for each challenge they completed if they own a Challenge Reward associated with the challenge (note: the reward does not have to be the same exact Moment you were awarded from the challenge — so you can purchase a different serial number if you have since sold your reward.)

While typically a Series 2 Common Non-Base Challenge Reward (such as Cool Cats) would account for 18 points, if you completed the challenge, the reward for the challenge in your collection would count for 70 points. You can see the full points breakdown per Moment and Challenge Rewards in the Collector Score introduction blog. 

Note that this bonus only applies once per challenge, and challenge rewards cannot be stacked.

Nine Live Lounge Member Bonus

As has been previously stated, all collectors who own all 30 Cool Cats Moments will be automatically eligible for this drop as part of the perks for owning the complete Cool Cats set. These collectors will get a 7,500 point bonus to guarantee entry to the Holo Icon queue.

The Future of Collector Score

Collector Score is here to stay, and it’s going to continue to be a barrier-to-entry for pack drops moving forward.

After this Holo Icon drop, there are a few more packs planned for Series 2: more 2021 NBA Playoff Common Packs, a Rare Conference Finals Pack, and lastly, a Legendary 2021 NBA Finals pack. It’s unknown what the Collector Score parameters will be for these drops, but it’s likely that these team and set bonuses — at least in some form — are here to stay. 

Top Shot has repeatedly emphasized that set completion and team fandom are two aspects of collecting they want to reward. With Collector Score bonuses, they can do just that. 

So, by improving your Collector Score for this drop, you’ll not only have a chance to score a massively +EV Holo Icon pack at the discount price of $230, but you’ll also improve your chances to qualify for the remaining pack drops in Series 2, and maybe even into Series 3. And, when it comes to Series 2 Base Moments, you’ll also be able to use them as Trade Tickets in the coming months.

Have questions? Reach Brian Kelleher on Twitter, @NBATopShotStreams. Additional reporting and editing by Christian Hardy.