Top Shot Brings Utility to Collectors: Finals & NBA Draft All-Access Experiences
Top Shot Brings Utility to Collectors: Finals & NBA Draft All-Access Experiences

Top Shot Brings Utility to Collectors: Finals & NBA Draft All-Access Experiences

by Brian Kelleher


Real world utility brings value to cryptocurrency and NFTs beyond just the price of their digital asset — they create experiences that last a lifetime. Until recently, the utility provided by Top Shot for collecting digital basketball highlights consisted of small perks or reward Moments for collector score, challenges, and showcase quests. Now, Top Shot is becoming the currency of NBA fandom with all-access experiences that bring fans closer to the action.

In the past month, Top Shot has introduced some exciting opportunities for collectors to come closer to the NBA than ever before. Eight lucky people who own Top Shot Moments of Suns players were invited to Phoenix to experience Game 5 of the NBA Finals live from a suite with NBA legends.

Then, just two weeks after, Top Shot randomly selected eight more collectors to have dinner with NBA prospects and attend the 2021 NBA Draft in the Top Shot Suite at Brooklyn’s Barclay’s Center — all expenses paid.

And this is just the start. In response to a Rolling Stone tweet, Dapper Labs CEO Roham Gharegozlou expanded on the opportunities and actions NFTs will offer collectors in the future.

As Covid-19 restrictions have rolled back since 2020, NBA Top Shot has had its first chance execute on some real-world utility for serious Top Shot collectors. As Series 2 Summer and Series 3 roll around, this is surely just the beginning of in-arena and real-world perks for Top Shot collectors.

Top Shot Suite at the 2021 NBA Finals Game 5 in Phoenix

Collectors who held a specific amount of Phoenix Suns Top Shot Moments were rewarded with entries into a drawing for the chance to win a trip to Phoenix and tickets to Game 5 of the NBA Finals against the Milwaukee Bucks. Eight randomly selected winners received an NBA experience they will never forget, as they saw the Bucks win their third-straight on their way to take the series in a suite amongst NBA legends and fellow collectors.

Each Top Shot Suite Finals Experience winner received:

  • 2 Tickets to a Suite hosted by Top Shot at the 2021 NBA Finals
  • Airfare & accommodations to and from Phoenix, Arizona
  • Meet & greet with the Gorilla Mascot and Suns Legends Tom Chambers & Rex Chapman
  • Exclusive private viewing of ESPN’s SportsCenter show at the Arena
  • A VIP behind-the-scenes tour of Phoenix Suns Arena (Footprint Center)
  • Personal Suns Team Shop Shopping Spree
  • Photo opportunities with the Western Conference Championship Trophy, plus winners also were able to see Devin Booker’s Three-Point Contest trophy

One of those lucky fans and avid Top Shot collector, Andrew Brown (iRacer77), joined MomentRanks Shot Talkin’ livestream to discuss his experience in Phoenix. 

The Top Shot Fan Experience at the 2021 NBA Draft in New York City

The second real-world utility opportunity Top Shot collectors had a chance to win was an exclusive behind-the-scenes fan experience at the 2021 NBA Draft in Brooklyn, New York. 

Winners were randomly selected from collectors who owned Three-Star Rookie debut Top Shot Moments. Once it was announced, eight lucky collectors won two tickets each to the NBA Top Shot Suite at the 2021 NBA Draft.

Each winner also received airfare and accommodations to and from New York City. After the winners arrived, they were treated to a VIP dinner the night before the Draft with NBA Prospects, including Davion Mitchell and Ziaire Williams.

On Draft Day, the collectors got a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity: a shoot-around session with New York Knicks rising star Obi Toppin, including a few games of knockout.

Will Top Shot Become the Currency of Fandom for NBA Fans?

In a recent Twitter poll by Gharegozlou, collectors overwhelmingly voted that VIP tickets and events are the most exciting real-world utility Top Shot can provide. Soon after, Top Shot’s team acted on it.

The Top Shot economist recently said: “We are focused on introducing more robust utility to the ownership of Moments,” when introducing account snapshots.

In August, we’ll see a special section at NBA Summer League for Top Shot fans, plus exclusive Moments that can be claimed in-person at arenas. We can’t wait to find out what other special events will be offered once the next NBA season gets started.

The NBA Finals trip and NBA Draft experience were only the first of many real-world opportunities Top Shot collectors will have in the future. The possibilities that digital collectibles licensed by a huge brand like the NBA can unlock are really just beginning.

In a tweet from March, NBA on TNT host Adam Lefkoe spoke to Gharegozlou about how Top Shot Moments and other digital collectibles have a chance to become the “currency of fandom” for all sports.

Gharegozlou, Dapper Labs, and the loaded crew of employees at Top Shot have been working tirelessly towards carrying out that idea. By providing these tangible experiences to true collectors, even more NBA fans will have the opportunity to connect with the revolutionary product Top Shot has. All that hard work has seemed to pay off with these giveaways — and it’s just the beginning.

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