Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Atlantic Division Moments Under $25
Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Atlantic Division Moments Under $25

Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Atlantic Division Moments Under $25

by Paul Brown


When I started on Top Shot, I was a little late to the Top Shot party — coming after the massive boom in February — and had to start from the ground up. There wasn’t a starter pack at the time, making my only real option to start my collection the Marketplace. But with so many Moments, it’s easy to start your Top Shot collection by picking out the teams and players you love.

When I started, I realized quickly the best way to maximize the fun of NBA Top Shot was to find the Moments that have the most value to me personally — that could be being at the game and seeing it live or simply collecting your favorite team.

Here are some ideas to help you weed through the hundred of Moments on Top Shot and start your collection. Whether you’re completing an NBA team set for Collector Score bonuses or looking to dominate the upcoming MomentRanks Play season, you can get started with these Moments.

The only rules I set out were five different players for MomentRanks Play — Top Shot daily fantasy sports, and all at an affordable price of $25 or under at the time of writing. That way, you can start with a broader Top Shot collection and don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.

If you’re just starting on Top Shot, you may want to start with the basic terminology of Top Shot on our blog.

Boston Celtics

Jaylen Brown Series 2 Seeing Stars Steal (x/10,000)

This Moment gets tons of bonus points. If your MomentRanks Play lineup needs a boost, it gets a bigger one from a steal Moment than a scoring one. If you’re a Celtics collector, this has championship banners in the background and first time All-Star Jaylen Brown making the play. 

Jayson Tatum Series 2 Base Assist (x/35,000)

Jayson Tatum is the present and future in Boston and every Celtic fan will need him in their collection. He’s not only the Celtics’ future, but also one of the best young players in the league that will make headlines and SportsCenter Top 10s for years to come. This Moment made my list because it features a falling out of bounds cross court pass and gets you a Play Assist Boost.

Marcus Smart Series 2 Hustle and Show Steal (x/18,000)

Marcus Smart gives effort on every play and lays his body on the line. His effort is a big reason he’s become a fan favorite in Boston. There’s no better set for Smat to fit in than Hustle and Show, where Smart’s effort fits right in. This is also a very completable set if you want to obtain a Collector Score bonus and adds steal upside to your Play lineup at the same time.

Tacko Fall Series Base Block (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

The World’s Largest Tacko, Tacko Fall is an NBA favorite who stands out everywhere. This larger than life Top Shot Debut features Fall swatting a Russell Westbrook attempt. A quick reminder that the Top Shot Debut badge signifies that this is Fall’s first Top Shot Moment.

Payton Pritchard S2 Base Layup (x/40,000) — Rookie

This is a game-winning putback layup against the Eastern Conference rival Heat with two rookie badges from point guard Payton Pritchard. On the Play side of things, he should get more consistent minutes with Kemba Walker now in Oklahoma City, so he could be worth playing at some point.

Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Durant Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Block (x/12,000)

Kevin Durant is the biggest part of the big three and has to find his way into any respectable Nets collection, as most of his Moments on Top Shot to this point come with the Nets. With this block, you can earn an even bigger MomentRanks Play boost to his already incredible production.

Kyrie Irving Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Handles (x/12,000)

Kyrie Irving is known as one of the best ball handlers of all-time, so it only seems right to highlight his handles here. Plus, this one comes in a heated NBA Playoff game against the Celtics. Handles Moments are also more rare and have a bigger boost on Play, since they act as an assist, so this is a win-win for Nets fans.

James Harden Series 2 Base Assist (x/40,000)

As a former league leader in assists and MVP, Harden is the distributor for the potent Nets offense. Harden’s /40,000 Moment is a cheap way to round out your Nets big three collection. This assist goes behind his back and his defenders’ back for the slam, plus it’ll get you the nice MomentRanks Play Assist boost.

Chris Chiozza S2 Hustle and Show Steal (x/18,000) — Top Shot Debut

This is lowkey an insane behind the head assist Moment that ends with a Durant fast break dunk — it’s never bad to have a superstar in your Moment. It gets you closer to a Collector Score set completion bonus for the unique Hustle & Show set. I also appreciate getting Chiozza’s Debut Badge on a non-base set moment.

Joe Harris Series 1 Base Layup (x/3,999) — Top Shot Debut

Series 1 Moments had much lower mint counts and much higher rarity, so there won’t be a lot of them in this price range. The Series 1 and Top Shot Debut combo is always one to have in your collection. It’s unfortunate it isn’t what Harris is known for — his three-pointer — but you get an acrobatic layup on one of the most unique looking home courts.

New York Knicks

Julius Randle Series 2 Seeing Stars Dunk (x/10,000)

Seeing Stars commemorated this year’s All-Star teams, where Randle made his first All-Star appearance. This quick spin move and dunk is a great add for MR Play purposes, as Randle is becoming an efficient scorer and rebounder who is a cornerstone of the Knicks future.

RJ Barrett Series 2 Cool Cats Dunk (x/15,000)

The Cool Cats complete set has added utility, as it will allow access to the Nine Lives Lounge, and it previously allowed access to every pack drop to close out Series 2. In this Moment, Barrett smoothly intercepts a pass and throws down a massive fast break dunk. With so many great plays like this, it’s obvious why this set was so popular.

Obi Toppin Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Dunk (x/12,000) — Rookie

After a seven-season drought, the Knicks were back in the Playoffs this season and all fans love to celebrate that. This two-badge rookie Moment is complete with an alley-oop that lit up The Garden. The time is now to get in on Toppin and grab some rookie Moments before he takes off!

Immanuel Quickley Series 2 Base Set Rookie Badge Handles (x/40,000)

Handles Moments are a big part of why we love NBA Top Shot — these skills never came across on cardboard. This up-and-under move is a nice addition to any collection, as Handles Moments have a bigger Play bonuses and Quickley should get more play time in his sophomore season.

Derrick Rose Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Assist (x/12,000)

Derrick Rose has been a Knick twice now, so he needed to be on this list at least once. This half-court alley-oop to Obi Toppin is a great play from start to finish. The city that never sleeps is dreaming about more plays like this after Rose’s recent extension.

Philadelphia 76ers

Joel Embiid Series 2 Seeing Stars Dunk (x/10,000) Moment

Joel Embiid has rewarded Philly fans who trusted the process with four All-Star Selections so far. The Seeing Stars set is a great way to set yourself apart from the base set cards and everyone in it is a MomentRanks Play as highly productive All-Stars! Embiid is a HODL in your collection as a potential Hall of Famer who still hasn’t reached his peak.

Ben Simmons Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Assist (x/11,500)

An All-NBA defender Ben Simmons has a Cool Cats and Seeing Stars Moment in this price range so how do you choose? This casual over the head lob involves his fellow All-Star Joel Embiid on the receiving end of the oop. The assist play type sets it apart, as it’ll get a larger boost on MR Play. 

Tobias Harris Series 2 Base Jump Shot (x/40,000)

Tobias Harris seals a one-point victory over the Lakers by blowing by Alex Caruso and pulling up to drill the jump shot. Tobi may miss Bobi, but he doesn’t miss this game-winning jumper. The beautiful thumbnail is just icing on the cake.

Matisse Thybulle Series 2 Hustle and Show Dunk (x/40,000)

Even your traditional dunk poster can’t handle the type of windmill Thybulle throws down after a steal in this Moment. Known for his defense, this is proof Matisse also has the show side of Hustle & Show in his well-rounded game. Also, I really liked those Philadelphia City Edition jerseys this year!

Furkan Korkmaz Series 2 Base 3 Pointer (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

Furkan Korkmaz has become a reliable 3-point threat in Philadelphia. In his Top Shot Debut, he forces overtime with a last-second triple from the corner. Although the 76ers went on to lose to the Bucks, this his debut Moment and his only Moment thus far. It’s a necessity for anyone going for the 76ers team set bonus at this point.

Toronto Raptors

Pascal Siakam Series 2 Base Layup (x/15,000)

Siakam does it all for the Raptors making him an excellent member of your MomentRanks Play squad. He shows off his offensive repertoire, losing his primary defender initially then weaving through two more Pelicans for an easy bucket in a crowd.

Kyle Lowry Series 2 Base 3 Pointer (x/40,000)

Kyle Lowry has been a Toronto staple his entire career and every Raptor collection will have at least one of his Moments. This step back three was part of a 37-point 11 explosion from the Face of Toronto. Games like this make the 3-point Play bonus even more valuable!

OG Anunoby Series 2 Hustle and Show Dunk (x/18,000)

In this Hustle & Show Moment, hard-nosed defender Anunoby swipes a pass then earns some style points with the reverse dunk. Raptors fans can’t wait to get these highlights and this career Raptor back in Toronto.

Chris Boucher Series 2 Base Block (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

In Boucher’s debut Moment, he comes from nowhere to swat a shot, exhibiting some trademark Raptors defense. I like when defensive plays can be highlighted, as they are usually associated with the other end, and fans love to see their team this excited after a big play.

Malachi Flynn Series 2 Base Layup (x/12,000) — Rookie Top Shot Debut

As a Raptor rookie, Flynn showed the ability to expose defensive mismatches when they present themselves. In this triple-badge layup, Flynn uses a hesitation move to get to the rim then finishes with a finger roll. Flynn was a crucial part of the Raptors depleted roster down the stretch in 2020-21. 

Side note: the color scheme on these jerseys took me back to the Carter Era.

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