Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Pacific Division Moments Under $25
Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Pacific Division Moments Under $25

Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Pacific Division Moments Under $25

by Paul Brown


As our trip to find the best beginner Top Shot Moments continues, we get to go way out west. The first team you think of may be the conference champion Phoenix Suns, but from the scoring champ by the bay to the superstars battling for Los Angeles, stars are everywhere in the Pacific Division.  

After you ripped open your Top Shot starter pack, it’s time to hit the marketplace to choose a few Moments you really love. When I started on Top Shot, I realized quickly the best way to maximize the fun of NBA Top Shot was to find the Moments that have the most value to me personally — that could be being at the game and seeing it live or simply loving your team’s City Edition jersey. 

In this article, you’ll find some ideas to help you narrow down the hundreds of Moments on Top Shot and start your collection, especially if you’re a fan of the Warriors, Clippers, Lakers, Suns, or Kings. Whether you’re completing an NBA team set for Collector Score bonuses or looking to dominate the upcoming MomentRanks Play season, you can get started with these Moments.

The only rules I set out were five different players for MomentRanks Play purposes at an affordable price — under $25 at the time of writing. That way, you can start with a broader Top Shot collection and don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.

Read our other Top Shot Starter Kits for more of my favorite Moments under $25: Atlantic Division (Raptors, Nets, Celtics, 76ers, and Knicks) and Central Division (Bucks, Cavs, Bulls, Pacers, Pistons).

Golden State Warriors

Steph Curry Series 2 Base Set 3-Pointer (x/40,000)

Every Golden State collection has a singular starting point: possibly the best Warrior of all-time, Steph Curry. This 3-point Moment was a fitting choice for Curry , and so was his shimmy at the end. It’s almost like he knew how much you would celebrate having him in your collection.

Draymond Green Series 2 Base Set Assist (x/40,000)

As the defensive anchor of three title teams it can be easy to forget Draymond Green helps hold the offense together too. This a perfect example of what Green has been so great at his whole career, as he takes the pass, drives to the rim then leaves the perfect alley-oop opportunity for Kelly Oubre Jr. to finish.

Andrew Wiggins Series 2 Base Set Layup (x/15,000)

Tough choice between two Andrew Wiggins Moments as he also has a 3-Pointer Moment with Championship banners in the background. With that said, the acrobatics he shows in this Moment truly show why he was a #1 overall pick, as he splits the defenders and changes hands in mid-air to score.

Juan Toscano-Anderson S2 Hustle and Show Dunk (x/18,000)

Juan Toscano-Anderson went viral before last season when he got his life-changing NBA contract. He earned it this season and fans couldn’t be happier. This Hustle & Show Moment shows the effort he plays with every night, with a tough steal and cherry on top with the windmill slam.

James Wiseman Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/40,000) — Rookie

Lottery luck last year landed James Wiseman in Golden State, and this is one of only six Wiseman rookie year Moments that will ever exist. He showed flashes of what made him such a high pick in his rookie year with plays like this spin move to lose his defender before soaring for the two-handed slam. 

Los Angeles Clippers

Kawhi Leonard Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Dunk (x/12,000)

As much as I hate to do this to Maxi Kleber, this is the Moment that most shows what Kawhi is all about. Kawhi picks the pocket of Tim Hardaway Jr. cleanly then slams it with authority. I am sure that most Clippers fans used that poster and the celebration as their #NBATopShotThis Moment of the opening weekend of this year’s playoffs.

Paul George Series 2 Seeing Stars Dunk (x/10,000)

Brought in to be the second star Paul George made the All-Star team this season to the delight of Clipper fans. This Moment is unique because he splits the double team to start, but seems to float through the air until the shot blocker falls before he slams it home.

Marcus Morris Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs 3-Pointer (x/11,250) 

Marcus Morris is the quintessential 3-and-D wing, so it’s not a huge surprise that both Marcus Morris Moments are currently 3-pointers. He filled his role perfectly with the Clippers and was a huge piece of their path to the Western Conference finals, even through team injury issues.

Terance Mann Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Dunk (x/11,500)

The biggest breakout performer of this postseason was probably Terance Mann. This Moment is a perfect representative of that, as it comes from his 39-point, 7 3-pointer outburst in a closeout Game 6. He used his athleticism and shooting to offset his lack of size in a critical role, filling in for Kawhi Leonard.

Nicolas Batum Series 2 Base Set Block (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

When he was a Blazer, I always wanted Batum on my fantasy team because he contributed in every category. At this point in his career he is a glue guy doing whatever is called for during any given game. This chasedown block shows he is still great at both ends of the court.

Los Angeles Lakers

If you’re a Lakers fan, it’s probably a good idea to pick up a LeBron James Moment. That said, as of writing, no LeBron James Moments come in under $25.

Anthony Davis Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/15,000)

A Moment featuring both Laker stars, including a top-two NBA player of all-time. LeBron James drops a perfect bounce pass between two defenders leading Davis to an easy dunk. Trading the future in L.A. for Anthony Davis brought a title in 2020, and he is a player everyone will want for their MR Play lineups.

Talen Horton-Tucker Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/40,000)

Talen-Horton Tucker has worked his way up from being a second-round pick through the G League, to now getting steady minutes for the Lakers. Plays like this dunk in traffic always light up L.A. especially when they come off a LeBron full court inbounds pass! 

Markieff Morris Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/40,000)

Another Laker dunk set up by LeBron James here. Without a Moment in this price range, LeBron still dominates this list. Bonus note on this Moment: our editor Christian Hardy went to Kansas —  and is “a huge Markieff Morris fan,” saying he will never get rid of his Morris Top Shot debut. This is just another example that the most valuable Moments are judged in fandom. 

Kyle Kuzma Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

With the trade to Washington, Kyle Kuzma will have the opportunity to be more involved in the offense and see his game flourish. We have already seen what has happened to Moment values when players change teams, so grabbing this debut is a good way to go.

Alex Caruso Series 2 Hustle and Show Steal (x/18,000)

Spending his entire time in purple and gold as a fan favorite, there would be few sets more apt to Caruso’s game than the Hustle & Show. Laker fans will need him in their collection and few plays will be a better reminder than him diving on the floor for a steal and finding a teammate from his back for a fast break dunk.

Phoenix Suns

Devin Booker Series 2 Base Set Handles (x/40,000)

The star in the desert is Devin Booker, and everyone will want him for MomentRanks Play in 2021-2022. With two playoff Moments and a game-winning 3, this was a very tough category. The winner was not chosen for the added handles Play boost, but for the reaction of the bench after the DPOY gets crossed over.

Deandre Ayton Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Dunk (x/12,000)

Improving in each of his first three seasons, Deandre Ayton is ready to take off and become a superstar. He shows the athleticism that made him the first-overall pick in this Moment, corralling an impressive over the head pass from Chris Paul for an authoritative alley-oop. It helps that the Suns made it all the way to the NBA Finals.

Chris Paul Series 2 Cool Cats Assist (x/20,000)

The Cool Cats set was the standard for Series 2, and here you can get an affordable piece of it. Chris Paul has been the standard for a point guard for most of his career. When you realize your collection needs a point god, this is the best place to start. In the Moment, Frank Kaminsky finishes the effortless behind-the-back pass.

Torrey Craig Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Dunk (x/11,500)

Torrey Craig’s only Moment as a Sun is a big alley-oop dunk from Cameron Payne, meaning it could be a potential bottleneck for a complete team set. A big part of the playoff run, Craig can always get the home crowd going.

The most unique part of this Moment, however, is being able to listen to Torrey describe it himself. This is currently one of only two Top Shot Moments that has player commentary allowing us to further immerse ourselves in the game as a fan with exclusive content — and I can’t wait to see all that Top Shot does with this feature.

Jevon Carter Series 2 Base Set Layup (x/12,000) —Top Shot Debut

Jevon Carter’s only Top Shot Moment is an acrobatic one, and it’s also his only Moment as a Sun after being shipped to the Nets. Crossing over his defender, he makes a quick jump stop before taking off. Getting between two defenders, Carter extends the ball and puts incredible english on it to kiss the ball off the glass.

Sacramento Kings

De’Aaron Fox Series 2 Base Set Layup (x/15,000)

With the speed of Kings star, De’Aaron Fox any play can seem like a fast break. Starting with a steal, Swipa dashes full court changing directions multiple times and twisting Michael Porter Jr. in knots, then finishes the layup. As the future of the franchise, Fox is a must-own for any Kings member.

Tyrese Haliburton Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/ 40,000) — Rookie

The MomentRanks team may be biased, but Tyrese Haliburton is definitely a favorite around here. The hesitation move gets his defender in the air before the rookie posters the Toronto “rim protector.” Added bonus of adding a Certified Baller to your team.

Harrison Barnes Series 2 Base Set 3-Pointer (x/35,000)

I love a good buzzer-beater; there is nothing quite like your team winning in the final seconds. One of my favorite Moments of the season was this Harrison Barnes game-winning triple. De’Aaron Fox tosses a pass that reminds you of Grant Hill vs. Kentucky, and Barnes elevates to drill the turnaround 3-pointer.

And don’t forget the celebration that came after the play, where Haliburton said “put that on Top Shot.” Now, it will live on Top Shot forever.

Maurice Harkless Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

This one-handed dunk from Maurice Harkless is borderline disrespectful to the Pistons defense. A shot fake frees him up and when met at the rim he takes the contact. But instead of settling for a layup, he changes direction off the contact and throws it down.

Chimezie Metu Series 2 Base Set Block (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

The Chimezie Metu debut is him doubling down on the defensive end. There is nothing more defeating than a big block that turns into an offensive rebound and an easy shot, Metu doesn’t let that happen here, blocking two shots in one fell swoop.