Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Southeast Division Moments Under $25
Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Southeast Division Moments Under $25

Top Shot Starter Kit: Best Southeast Division Moments Under $25

by Paul Brown


The next step on our Top Shot journey to find the best Top Shot Moments under $25 to start your collection with is taking us through the Southeast. Two young point guards who love to throw lobs, Heat Culture, a triple-double machine in the nation’s capital, even Orlando had a couple magical plays. They’re all on the list to start your Top Shot collection.

It’s easier than ever to get into the quickly-growing NFT space with an NBA Top Shot starter pack and booster packs, now available for new collectors for $9 each. After completing the Team Quest, you will already be qualified for exclusive pack drops. But you can still acquire more Moments through the marketplace.

When I started on Top Shot, I realized quickly the best way to maximize the fun was to find the Moments that have the most value to me personally. That meaning could come from being at the game and seeing it live or simply loving your team’s City Edition jersey. 

Here are some ideas to help you sort through the hundred of Moments on Top Shot and start your collection on a team-by-team basis. Whether you’re completing an NBA team set for Collector Score bonuses or looking to dominate the upcoming MomentRanks Play season, you can get started with these Moments.

The only rules I set out were five different players for MomentRanks Play purposes at an affordable price — under $25 at the time of writing. That way, you can start with a broader Top Shot collection and don’t have to put all your eggs in one basket.

Atlanta Hawks Top Shot Moments

Trae Young Series 2 Hustle and Show Assist (x/18,000)

Atlanta fans love their young point guard, and here Trae Young shows his flair with an off the backboard alley-oop to John Collins. Fans from around the league will appreciate that this gets an assist boost on Play for a player who is his team’s main distributor, and a great piece to a very completable non-Base common set.

Bogdan Bogdanović Series 2 Cool Cats Handles (x/20,000)

Handles Moments are more rare and always fun to watch again and again. I found this Moment cooler than most because one of my favorite alternate courts this year was the Hawks MLK City court, and the Stained Glass Logo is featured right before the behind the back crossover. It’s a nice touch at a low price.

John Collins Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/40,000)

John Collins frequently looks like he is playing on a trampoline. Here he shows off his extraterrestrial athleticism finishing an alley-oop that looks well beyond the reach of any human. Still a young player with room to grow, he’s got a bright future after signing a new extension this offseason.

Danilo Gallinari Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Steal (x/11,500)

I had to get something in to celebrate the Hawks return to the NBA Playoffs, and what better way than with a steal Moment. Known for his shooting touch, Gallinari not only pokes the ball free for a steal from Joel Embiid, but he also races to finish with a fast break dunk.

Clint Capela Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

Not only is this Clint Capela’s Top Shot Debut and a very solid fast break dunk, it has Trae Young as a co-star. The powerful fast break dunk is set up by a hesitation move and beautiful “he must have eyes in the back of his head” pass from Atlanta’s All-Star point.

Charlotte Hornets Top Shot Moments

Miles Bridges Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/40,000)

Pick your favorite Miles Bridges dunk — they’re all pretty amazing. You know you want one and it’s almost impossible to go wrong with any choice. I picked this one because of rookie LaMelo Ball’s move to get Bridges the ball, combined with how far he was able to bring it before creating a perfect poster. 

But the other Bridges Series 2 Base Moment (x/35,000) is another seamless Ball assist leading to the dunk. The 35,000 Moment was voted best fauxment at the 2021 First Mint Fest’s Collector’s Choice Awards.

P.J. Washington Series 2 Cool Cats Dunk (x/10,000)

The Cool Cats set is a valued commodity in the Top Shot community and this Moment shows exactly why. P.J. Washington runs the role of screener perfectly then catches a pass and steps through traffic to throw it down. Lamelo may not have a moment in this price range, but he is still on this list twice.

Gordon Hayward Series 2 Cool Cats Layup (x/20,000)

Gordon Hayward meets the Cool Cats criteria with a wicked spin move for a layup. Charlotte fans will be incredibly thrilled with the teal uniforms and more so with the beautiful overhead view of the Buzz City court on replay.

Caleb Martin Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

Caleb Martin has lots of flash and athleticism, allowing him to fit in well on this young squad. Both are on display here as he takes off around the free throw line and takes a bump on the way to the rim. Hornets fans will want to grab this Debut dunk, missing out would surely sting.

Cody Martin Series 2 Base Set Steal (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

I love a good defensive play, and here Cody Martin applies pressure in the backcourt to swipe the ball from CJ McCollum. The resulting dunk makes this a very well-rounded Top Shot Debut. I also appreciate the honeycomb court paint in the overhead view.

Miami Heat Top Shot Moments

Jimmy Butler Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Layup (x/12,000)

After leading Miami to the NBA Finals in the bubble, Jimmy Butler has become a fan favorite whose hard work represents Heat culture. After signing a new max extension, fans can expect to see more late game heroics like this, as he ties a playoff game at the buzzer.

Goran Dragić Series 2 Cool Cats Layup (x/15,000)

As a longtime steward of Heat culture per coach Eric Spoelstra, Dragić has become one of the best point guards in franchise history. He shows the trademark Heat defense with a steal, but the quick spin move he puts on the fast break defense is what makes it a Cool Cats Moment.

Bam Adebayo Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/40,000)

Adebayo is known more for his tough defense from the perimeter to the post, but the athleticism that makes this possible is rarely displayed more completely than this slam. He gathers the pass and somehow climbs a ladder to dunk through Domantas Sabonis.

Precious Achiuwa Series 2 Base Set Block (x/40,000) — Rookie Badge

In his rookie season, Achiuwa discovered the way onto the court in Miami is through hard work and defensive intensity. This two-badge block has him leaping to the point his head is near the rim to swat a layup in the Miami Vice uniforms which were incredibly unique this season.

Kendrick Nunn Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Steal (x/12,000)

Even if you shoot 38 percent from 3, you have to play defense to see the floor in Miami. Nunn shows how multi-dimensional he is here, and he picks up Jrue Holiday full court and smoothly swipes the ball. He heads in for the dunk before Holiday really realizes what’s going on.

Orlando Magic Top Shot Moments

Cole Anthony Series 2 Base Set Jump Shot (x/40,000) — Rookie Badge

As a Top Shot Certified Baller, Cole Anthony has already bet on himself in a big way. This was his first game winning buzzer beater and as exciting as the shot itself is, the celebration in the corner will bring a smile to every fan whether you’re from Orlando or not.

R.J. Hampton Series 2 Hustle and Show 3-Pointer (x/18,000) — Rookie Badge

The Hustle and Show set has some of the best all around highlights you will find on the marketplace and this one has two rookie badges attached. R.J. Hampton steals a rebound, makes a save, and hits a 3-pointer from the corner. Not just your average play, this is a true highlight for a rookie with a lot of upside.

Terrence Ross Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/40,000)

Terrence Ross caught both the defense off-guard and a half-court lob at the same time in this Moment. As an added bonus, Ross is a Certified Baller who has gotten behind this product and used it to get closer to fans, as seen by co-hosting a Moment reveal stream alongside Top Shot this year.

Dwayne Bacon Series 2 Base Set Layup (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

Vegetarians may not agree with this pick, but almost everyone loves bacon. Orlando fans can get a Debut Moment of Bacon blowing by two defenders and making a reverse layup. While Bacon was with Orlando for several years, this is his only Top Shot Moment. Since he’s now with the Knicks, it could be a team set bottleneck in the future.

Nikola Vučeić Series 2 Seeing Stars Dunk (x/10,000)

Though his time in Orlando may be over, his seven plus seasons and two All-Star appearances won’t be soon forgotten. This Moment is a great way to celebrate Nikola Vucevic’s time in a Magic jersey, not just because of the Seeing Stars set, verifying his spot on the 2021 All-Star Roster, but it is also from a triple double performance!

Washington Wizards Top Shot Moments

Bradley Beal Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs Handles (x/12,000)

Scoring machine Bradley Beal was a no-brainer to make this Wizards list. After averaging over 30 points per game over the last two seasons, any Wizards fan will want him leading their MomentRanks Play lineup. I chose this Moment over his Seeing Stars with a similar mint count for the handles boost on Play.

Dāvis Bertāns Series 1 Base Set 3 Pointer (x/3,999) — Top Shot Debut

Since coming to D.C., Bertans has really grown into a very solid stretch four, shooting 40 percent from beyond the arc. This is a great spot to get a Series 1 collector score boost, Debut Moment, and a view of Davis doing what he does best.

Rui Hachimura Series 2 2021 NBA Playoffs 3-Pointer (x/12,000)

In only his second season, Rui Hachimura has shown a promising ability to score from anywhere on the floor. This Moment combines his marksmanship with the Wizards return to the playoffs. Sneakily, the Moment is dominated by Bradley Beal’s ability to collapse a defense.

Daniel Gafford Series 2 Base Set Dunk (x/12,000) — Top Shot Debut

Daniel Gafford’s debut Moment is an incredible team play, which makes it a great fit for any Wizards fan. Gafford sets a screen leading to a misdirection pass to Russell Westbrook, then Westbrook drives and tosses up  the pass up for a Gafford throwdown! 

Russell Westbrook Series 2 Base Set Moment (x/35,000)

Triple-double machine Russell Westbrook will only have eight Moments ever made from his season with the Wizards, and this is one of them. Westbrook uses a step through move for a nice layup during one a trademark performance.

Though his time in D.C. was brief, Westbrook made history while there setting the career-mark for triple-doubles. A cool feature of Top Shot now and moving forward will be commemorating NBA history and last year they used this Moment (along with others) in a showcase challenge rewarding collectors with a Moment from the game in which Westbrook tied that career mark

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