Trade Tickets on NBA Top Shot: Everything You Need to Know

Trade Tickets on NBA Top Shot: Everything You Need to Know

byChristian Hardy


On Thursday, NBA Top Shot officially rolled out Trade Tickets, a system for trading in Moments to swap for different Moments previously owned by collectors. 

Trade Tickets were introduced on April 30 as a way for Top Shot to distribute their vast supply of Series 1 Moments — over 40,000 in total. Trade Tickets may also be used to add utility to your Top Shot collection, with exclusive pack drops and potential for real-world utility.

Now Phase 1 of Trade Tickets is rolling out, and Trade Tickets are available to Top Shot collectors. Collectors can trade in any one Moment in exchange for only one Trade Ticket. 

Let’s get into what Trade Tickets will look like on NBA Top Shot.

What are Trade Tickets on NBA Top Shot?

Trade Tickets will allow collectors to trade-in their Moments for new Moments. The traded-in Moments will be sent to a Top Shot account called “TheLockerRoom”, where all traded-in Moments will live publicly, in addition to exclusive unreleased Moments and packs to be added later. Trade Tickets will eventually be exchanged for either Locker Room Moments (which other collectors traded in) or Series 1 Reserve Packs.

The first ever Locker Room Packs will drop in a stress test on Tuesday, September 21, at 1 p.m. EST but collectors must have at least three Trade Tickets to join the drop. Collectors will receive three Moments back in their Locker Room pack. There will be a second Locker Room stress test before Series 3 starts.

Series 1 Reserve Packs are confirmed to cost 300-500 Trade Tickets and will be released after the start of Series 3.

Why Trade Tickets?

Top Shot says that collecting will be made even “more compelling and dynamic long term” with the addition of Trade Tickets. Outside of packs, the use cases for Trade Tickets could expand into drawings, real-world experiences, merchandise, priority access to packs, special access at NBA games — though these are unconfirmed utility cases.

What are Locker Room Packs?

Remember how Moments that are traded in will go to TheLockerRoom account on Top Shot? With Locker packs, those Locker Room Moments that have been traded in will be packaged back up into Locker packs and exchanged to Trade Tickets.

Usually, it will cost four Trade Tickets (or four Moments traded-in) for a Locker Pack, which will contain three Base Set Moments. However, during the first two Locker Room stress tests, these packs will cost three Trade Tickets — or six total Trade Tickets for two guaranteed packs.

The first-ever Locker Packs will drop in a stress test on Tuesday, September 21, at 1 p.m. EST but collectors must have at least three Trade Tickets by the snapshot on Monday, September 20, 12:30 p.m. EST to join the drop. All collectors with three Trade Tickets are guaranteed a pack.

Locker Room packs will be available on a rolling basis — 4 Trade Tickets for 3 Moments — a short time after the Stress Tests have been completed.

Top Shot Trade Ticket Rollout Phases

Trade Tickets and the Series 1 Reserve Packs will be rolled out in several phases over a couple of months. There are three key phases to the rollout that Top Shot has outlined for collectors.

Phase 1: Locker Pack Stress Test 

The first Locker Packs will only contain three Series 2 Base Set Moments, according to Top Shot. The drop is slated for Tuesday, September 21, 1 p.m. EST. Collectors will need to trade in three Moments by Monday, September 20 at 12:30 p.m. EST.

There is a second Locker Room stress test planned before Series 3. There will be a new deadline for trading in your Moments before that stress test.

Going forward, if there are enough rare Moments of legendary Moments in TheLockerRoom to have a Rare pack drop, you will have to trade in more Trade Tickets to enter that queue.

Phase 2: Bulk Trade-In for Trade Tickets

Currently, collectors have to trade-in tickets 1-by-1 by clicking on each Moment in their collection. However, before the Series 1 Reserve Pack drops, a feature to bulk trade-in Moments will be added. This will allow collectors to trade-in dozens fo Moments at once.

This will be a must before Series 1 Reserve Packs, as they will cost between 300-500 Trade Tickets.

Phase 3: Series 1 Reserve Packs Released

The first Series 1 Reserve Pack drop will contain only 500 Series 1 packs. As noted above, Series 1 Reserve Packs will cost between 300-500 Trade Tickets per pack — an official number will be released before the drop.

There are over 10,000 Series 1 Reserve Packs to be distributed, according to NBA Top Shot, and over 7,000 will be distributed via Trade Tickets by the end of November, 2022.

Each Series 1 Reserve Pack will contain four Moments:

  • 1x Series 1 Base Set Moment with edition size x/1,000
  • 3x Series 1 Base Set Moments with edition size x/1,240 to x/3,999.

The remaining 3 packs will be set aside for promotional purposes, like contests and giveaways.

How to Trade-in Moments for Trade Tickets

As Trade Tickets are rolled out, trading in Moments won’t always be available. Collectors can trade-in their Top Shot Moments during the rollout of Phase 1 of Trade Tickets by going to their collection and clicking on any Moment. 

Please note that all Moments traded in, regardless of rarity or low ask are all worth exactly one Trade Ticket. Top Shot has explicitly suggested that collectors only trade-in at most three Moments for now to access each of the upcoming Locker Room pack stress tests.

A bulk trade-in feature will be added by Top Shot in Phase 2 of Trade Ticket rollout, likely after the start of Series 3.

  1. Go to your collection on Top Shot, go to “Moments”, and click on a Moment.
  2. Click “Trade In”, then click “Exchange for one Trade Ticket.” Note: you will only receive one Trade Ticket for every Moment traded in, so confirm that value for the Moment you’re trading in is as low as possible before confirming these actions.
  3. Click “Confirm” on the screen.
  4. Your Trade Ticket will arrive in your collection once the transaction has been confirmed. You can see how many Trade Tickets you have by hovering over your profile in the top right of the desktop version of Top Shot, or by going to your Moments page, where Trade Tickets are listed next to your total Moment count.

Series 3 Updates in the Trade Ticket Rollout

In addition to rolling out Phase 1 of Trade Tickets, Top Shot also provided some updates for edition sizes and Collector Score for upcoming Series 3 Moments.

As previously hinted, Series 3 Common Moments will only be worth only two Collector Score points, compared to 12 points for Common Moments in Series 2, and 25 in Series 1. Learn more about Series 1 and Series 2 Collector Score here: 

Top Shot also confirmed for the first time that Series 3 Base Set Moments will be minted to “notably larger” edition sizes (or total mint counts) than ever before. This means there will be more than 40,000 of many, if not all, Base Set Moments in Series 3. 

This is noteworthy because it means that it will likely be most efficient to trade in Series 3 Moments as Trade Tickets after they are made available. This is because Series 3 will have a larger supply and be worth less Collector Score points, likely meaning a lower asking price.

In a Twitter Spaces after the announcement of Trade Tickets, Top Shot co-creator Alan Falcon confirmed that Series 3 Base packs are expected to contain three Moments for $9, like in Series 2 Base packs.

Read more about Trade Tickets’ effect on the Top Shot marketplace in the Top Shot Economist’s blog post.

Overall, the Trade Tickets system adds a completely new ecosystem of fungible tokens for non-fungible assets to Top Shot for Series 3 and beyond. Plus, it’s a fun and fair way to distribute some highly-coveted Series 1 Moments, including limited edition Moments from LeBron James and Steph Curry.

For more about the roll out of Trade Tickets, listen to this 25-minute podcast with Top Shot Community Lead Jacob Eisenberg on the Packrip Media Podcast.

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