What is RealFevr? The new NFT Platform for Soccer Highlights
What is RealFevr? The new NFT Platform for Soccer Highlights

What is RealFevr? The new NFT Platform for Soccer Highlights

by Jordan Kligman


Most of us were first introduced to the NFT world because of NBA Top Shot, whether it was our love for the NBA or sports. And now, months later, some of us are even venturing collecting NFT avatars — from apes to penguins and everything else under the sun. Top Shot introduced many of us into a whole new world; now RealFevr has the potential to do the same, but for fans of soccer.

RealFevr is the first-ever soccer highlight marketplace, built to co-exist with their fantasy soccer leagues which began in 2015 and are played internationally. As of the first pack sale on August 13, soccer fans can collect Moments from some of the best players in the world, including Cristiano Ronaldo, with more players and leagues set to come in the future. 

Soccer has a massive international audience, and if RealFevr continues to add players and appealing Moments, fans are certain to come. So let’s dig into what the platform that RealFevr is building behind their first soccer highlights.

RealFevr Soccer NFT Moments Homepage

What is RealFevr?

As defined on RealFevr’s Twitter, RealFevr is the first-ever soccer video NFT marketplace. RealFevr also has a fantasy soccer app which launched in 2015 and is available on iOS and Android, with plans to release a token wagering game in Q2 2021

Considering their large userbase already — RealFevr reports 2.5M app store downloads on their fantasy app — and with soccer having such an abundant audience, RealFevr packs were purchased quickly, with the super rare tier selling out in under a minute.

RealFevr Packs: Soccer Moment NFTs

Packs included Cristiano Ronaldo’s first headed goal (floor $16,000) from 2002 and second goal of his career, a Legendary save from Iker Casillas, and even featured a 1-of-1 Moment from Bruno Fernandes — an outstanding, outside-the-box finish. But don’t worry if you missed out and want in on some of these Moments; the marketplace is open and another pack is coming soon. 

If you missed out on the first drop, you can now purchase Moments off the marketplace to add to your collection using $BNB, or Binance Coin. Similar to Top Shot, you can search through the marketplace for players, teams, and leagues, then view the video highlight before purchasing.

Currently, the only league RealFevr has rights to is the Primeira Liga, the top level of soccer in Portugal, but it wouldn’t be surprising if they start to expand quickly. 

Real Fevr Roadmap 2021

If the fantasy game is to exist in coherence with the collectibles, as stated on their roadmap, they’re going to need more clubs and/or players. “Within the RealFevr ecosystem, collectibles will be used in-game, to get bonus points, power ups and boost for the players in each fans team,” a post from RealFevr states.

On their fantasy app, you can create a team in Serie A (Italian League), La Liga (Spanish League), the Premier League (English League), and plenty more. But the collectibles are not yet fully integrated, nor is peer-to-peer gaming. The full list of RealFevr fantasy leagues can be found here on RealFevr’s blog, or on the RealFevr iOS and Android apps.

What are Pack and Moment Tiers on RealFevr?

Every player on RealFevr has a video Moment, but all Moments are separated by tier, or in other terms, quantity. 

For example, Bruno Fernandes’ 1-of-1 goal is tiered as a “Unique” Moment, while Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal out of 50 is a “Legendary.” These are both more likely to be pulled in Super Rare or Rare packs. 

There are currently five Moment tiers on RealFevr, along with three variations of packs. All can be found down below, including how many Moments are in each tier, along with the quantity:

Real Fevr Moment Tiers

  • Unique: 1 player – 1 Moment
  • Legendary: 4 players – 50 Moments per player
  • Epic: 8 players – 500 Moments per player
  • Special: 20 players – 2,500 Moments per player
  • Common: 40 players – 5,000 Moments per player

Real Fevr Pack Tiers from First Pack Drop

  • Common Pack: 3x Moments in each pack
    • 1 could be a special/epic/legendary/unique Moment
  • Rare Pack: 4x Moments in each pack 
    • 1 could be a special/epic/legendary/unique Moment
    • 1 will be special/epic/legendary/unique
  • Rare Pack: 5x Moments in each pack
    • 2 could be common or special
    • 1 could be common/special/epic/legendary/unique
    • 2 will be special/epic/legendary/unique
RealFevr Packs Explained

All Moments have serial numbers attached to them as well, deciphering the order Moments are minted in. Although Moments can be the same, each one is differentiated by its serial number, making each Moment unique. The lower the number, generally, the greater the value of the Moment. 

What Soccer Players are on RealFevr?

So far, RealFevr has a total of 73 players on the site, with some Moments more memorable than the rest. Those Moments are from the scarcer tiers involving the best players from the bunch, like Cristiano Ronaldo. Most Moments also have backstory to them, which adds value to Moments, so make sure to read the description as well. 

All of the players in the top three tiers of Unique, Legendary, and Epic are listed down below:

  • Unique: Bruno Fernandes
  • Legendary: Cristiano Ronaldo, Hulk, Iker Casillas, James Rodríguez
  • Epic: Ángel Di Maria, Nani, Nemanja Matić, Radamel Falcao, Raúl Jiménez, Ricardo Quaresma, Rúben Dias, Rúben Neves

All Common and Special Moments can be found in RealFevr’s Community Update from July 30. 

In the latest community update, CEO Fred Artunes said, “You will be surprised with the next drops, that it will not only be Portuguese league, there will be more leagues. With more leagues, more content, but always looking for the best ever football Moments.”

There is more on future leagues, as well as the main priorities for RealFevr going forward (as soon as the next few weeks) in the Community Update.

Artunes confirmed that there will be two European soccer leagues and one league outside of Europe in the next pack drop. He also added that more football players may partner up with RealFevr, similar to how Bruno Fernandes partnered for the first 1-of-1 Moment, found in a pack.

The next RealFevr pack drop is set for the second half of September. 

How do I buy RealFevr Packs? And the Marketplace?

For all pack drops on RealFevr, you won’t buy packs with dollars, but instead $FEVR, RealFevr’s cryptocurrency token. Of those pack purchases, 40 percent of all $FEVR is locked away, making the token deflationary. However, marketplace purchases use $BNB, known as Binance Coin.

To transfer other cryptocurrencies to the Binance Smart Chain you can follow these simple steps. Here’s an explainer on how to set up Binance Smart Chain on your MetaMask (or another Ethereum wallet), if you’ve already started collecting NFTs using a crypto wallet.

RealFevr also has its own currency, $FEVR, which is a deflationary coin. You can follow $FEVR’s price here, and learn more about $FEVR tokenomics here

A reminder that the next RealFevr pack drop is set for the second half of September, according to CEO Fred Artunes.

Advice for RealFevr Collecting

The only other sports video NFT market similar to RealFevr is NBA Top Shot, and based on my experience with Top Shot, the best advice I’d give anyone is to buy what you like. 

If you’re buying a Moment that you like for the sake of adding it to your collection, it won’t be stressful to you if the price fluctuates up or down. If you want a chance to snag something rare, wait for the next pack drop coming up. If you want to build for future fantasy soccer integration with moments, pick Moments from players who have bright futures.

The whole point of NFT’s is for them to be collected, not for them to be instantly flipped for a profit. If you like David Luiz’s Special Moment and like David Luiz, then buy it. If you like the Moment and believe in the product, who cares about the rarity?

It’s really that simple.

What is RealFevr? Summary

I’m extremely excited to dive deeper into RealFevr, as it’s completely different from Sorare in the fact that it plays a highlight in front of you compared to a static picture. As mentioned before, if RealFevr continues to add leagues and Moments, more and more fans from different countries will flock to RealFevr and other NFTs alike. Consider that just a month after their first pack drop, RealFevr is set to add historic Moments from soccer in three more countries.

If you’re interested in joining RealFevr, here are some things to remember.

  • It’s currently only highlights from the Portuguese Primeira Liga, but more are said to be coming. Considering the success RealFevr saw from its first pack drop selling out, it wouldn’t be surprising to see other leagues and highlights be added to RealFevr, but for now, we’ll have to live with the 73 Moments.
  • Each Moment is separated by tier and serial number. Every Moment on RealFevr is unique due to its serial number and tier. It’s also a piece of history, such as Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals in his earliest professional games.
  • You can only buy with Binance Smart Chain. You cannot use any other currency on RealFevr yet. The only way to buy packs and from the marketplace is by converting other cryptocurrencies to $BNB. 
  • Buy what you like! These are collectibles, so go out and collect your favorite soccer highlights! These are not meant to be stressed over and flipped for profit; they’re meant to be enjoyed. Buying something you like is always key — and maybe adding you like for future utility in the RealFevr fantasy games.

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