What’s Coming to NBA Top Shot during the 2021 NBA Offseason?

What’s Coming to NBA Top Shot during the 2021 NBA Offseason?

by Jordan Kligman


They say a year in the real world is equivalent to nine years on NBA Top Shot — or something like that. Every week on Top Shot, there’s something new, or something new is right on the horizon. Whether it be a new challenge or pack drop, there’s always something fresh.

But it can be hard to keep up with all the news on what’s coming and when. With the NBA season winding down, Top Shot has big plans to close Series 2 and lead into the offseason.

Today, we’ll look at all that’s remaining in Series 2 and everything coming to Top Shot in the offseason — from special packs to Trade Tickets

Top Shot Packs: from Series 2 to Series 3

Series 2 is drawing near a close, but collectors still have plenty to look forward to with five pack drops remaining, including a Rare Conference Finals pack and Legendary Finals pack. Some of these will be easily attainable to new collectors, like the three Common 2021 NBA Playoffs Set packs. The Rare and Legendary packs, will require a higher Collector Score, preventing new collectors from a more exclusive pack.

So far, we’ve only had one out of the four Common Playoff packs released, with another coming Friday. In the first drop, all collectors who reserved a pack were guaranteed one. For the upcoming releases, each will be going back to the queue system, with every release having a different number of limited packs available. Not every collector who queues up will walk away with a pack. 

Here’s what we know about the future releases, explained in Top Shot’s blog post:

Playoff Packs Release 2: Friday, June 25

  • 200,000 packs available
  • Adding 12 previously unseen First Round Moments
  • Guaranteed one out of the 44 First Round Playoff Moments and one of 24 Second Round Moments.
  • Eight more Challenge rewards after this drop

Playoff Packs Release 3: Early July

  • 166,000 packs available
  • Adding ten more previously unseen First Round Moments while debuting eight Conference Finals Moments
  • One First Round Moment, and One Moment from a later round (either a Second Round Moment or a Conference Finals)
  • Four Challenges using new Conference Finals Moments

Playoff Packs Release 4: Shortly after the NBA Finals

  • 42,000 packs available
  • Anticipate adding four Finals Common Moments
  • Guaranteed two Moments from the Playoffs Set
  • Two challenge rewards

For Common packs in Series 2, this looks to be it unless you’re a new collector getting a starter pack. However, there’s still a Rare Conference Finals and Legendary Finals pack that will be available for purchase. Per this week’s Office Hours on June 18, the Conference Finals pack is expected to release in mid-July, while the Legendary Finals pack will be around early August.

Even though those will be the final packs for Series 2, likely at some point during the summer or early fall, Top Shot will release Reserve Series 1 packs via Trade Tickets. But, unlike previous releases, these Series 1 packs won’t be attainable through Dapper credit – instead through a system we’ve never seen before on Top Shot: Trade Tickets.

Trade Tickets likely to be Introduced

More utility is coming to Moments, especially ones you don’t want to keep in your collection; soon you can trade them in for Trade Tickets

Trade Tickets allow you to turn in any unwanted Moment in your collection for a ticket, which you can then use to enter future Trade-Ticket-only pack drops. Each Moment you turn in, whether it be a Legendary, Rare, or Common, is worth one identical ticket. You will be unable to buy tickets through the Marketplace, so the only way to obtain them is through trading Moments in your collection.

Though there is no official set released date for Trade Tickets to begin, it’s highly likely the system will begin during the offseason. 

In the short-term, Trade Tickets will help distribute Series 1 reserve packs, which are currently expected to cost in the low three-digits total Trade Tickets to buy a pack. But Top Shot anticipates Trade Tickets to be “quite expansive long-term.” Simply put, Top Shot is creating a different form of currency to obtain packs instead of Dapper credit.

Just over 10,000 Series 1 reserve packs are filled with Moments, but about 70 percent of the packs will be distributed solely via Trade Tickets, with the rest reserved for future promotions. This will be the first major drop involving Trade Tickets, but for other special packs in the future, Trade Tickets could be involved, as well.

NBA Offseason Activity

The NBA offseason is closer than you may realize, and with that comes free agency, the NBA Draft, NBA Summer League, and the Tokyo Olympic games, including basketball. Despite Top Shot ending Series 2 after the NBA Finals, there is still a plethora of content that will keep collectors interested over the offseason, including a much-anticipated Run it Back pack. 

Plus, it was announced that the offseason won’t be a part of Series 3 and will be named something different yet to be decided on — this will be something to watch closely. 

Where I think Top Shot can create the most buzz this offseason is with the Summer League, August 8-17. The Summer League is built for improving young talent, and most of the previous year’s rookies opt-in to improve their game. Not only that, but the current year’s draft class participates as well. Maybe returning players could receive additional Moments for a highlight-worthy play, even if it’s in the Summer League.

Additionally, you could involve challenges with players who previously starred in the Summer League or continue with more Showcase Quests. This can get collectors invested in teams and players before the actual season.

Top Shot Run It Back Packs

Last but not least, we have the long-awaited Run it Back pack. With every new Run It Back release, Top Shot will highlight one season from NBA history. In Series 1, that season was 2013-2014, the packs spanned three drops during the offseason, and packs cost $59.

Although the pack will no longer include the likes of Allen Iverson, Tracy McGrady, and Shaquille O’Neal, Top Shot is sure to Run it Back to a memorable season with notable NBA stars. It’ll likely be a Rare drop, but Collector Score requirement is unknown. But, with the players we already know of, it’ll likely be a highly sought-after pack.

NBA Top Shot’s Busy 2021 Offseason

There’s too much action at all times in the NBA, and Top Shot will likely follow by keeping the site continually active and keeping collectors involved by implementing new features, like Trade Tickets and exclusive packs.

Plus, this year, there’s only three months between the end of the NBA Finals and the start of the 2021-2022 season. By continuing to add new features, everyday collectors and new collectors will find themselves on Top Shot more and more to keep updated on what’s new.

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