ZED RUN Breeding: Tutorial, Breeding Charts, and Basic Strategy
ZED RUN Breeding: Tutorial, Breeding Charts, and Basic Strategy

ZED RUN Breeding: Tutorial, Breeding Charts, and Basic Strategy

by Strobe


Breeding on ZED RUN is back! After months of maintenance, the stud farm has reopened for business so ZED RUN horses can find their perfect mates. 

The goal date ZED gave was July 12, but they surprised us and let our horses get down to business early! This means ZED RUN stable owners can put their male horses (colt or stallions) in stud to breed with a female (filly or mare) and produce a brand new offspring.

Breeding is exciting because it helps teach us more about the ZED RUN game and allows us to see what works and what doesn’t in our search for a top-ranked racehorse. It also expands stable sizes, brings in extra income if owners choose to sell, and lowers the entry horse price for new users.

If it’s your first time breeding, that’s OK. We’ll give a full tutorial for ZED RUN breeding in this article, so you can breed your perfect horse.

ZED RUN Breeding: How it Works

There are two basic options when it comes to breeding depending on the gender of your horse: Putting into stud if your horse is male, and finding a stud if your horse is female.  

An important note to remember is that all breeding is paid for using Wrapped Ethereum (wETH), which is held and shown in your ZED Wallet. This ensures there are no gas fees. Owners of female horses will pay a “stud fee” to breed with a male, and the Remember to always wrap your Ethereum on the ZED RUN website if you’re planning to use it on ZED RUN.

Producing Winning Race Horses

ZED RUN’s goal is to keep their game as close to real-world racing as possible, and that goes for breeding, too. This means that while genetic makeup may be known, there are plenty of unknowns in how offspring will perform on the track. 

With the right DNA profile, it’s possible that Legendary or Exclusive racehorses can run as well as Genesis racehorses, but it’s never a guarantee.

When deciding what horses to breed, ZED RUN suggests analyzing the DNA profile and the performance history of the horses you’re breeding. Every new offspring will have its own unique DNA profile, though many of its characteristics are passed down from its parents.

There are many great breeding theories and strategies on YouTube from Doofy Racing and AlSmizzle.

Characteristics of ZED RUN Offspring

The characteristics of the newborn horse — or foals — aren’t just all left up to chance. The bloodline, genotype, breed type and coat color all affect the outcome of the offspring of two horses. The gender of the offspring is random. 


Bloodlines of the parents directly impact the bloodline of the child as shown by the table below. A Nakamoto and a Szabo would breed a Szabo offspring, two Finney’s breeding result in a Finney offspring, and so on.

ZED RUN Bloodline Breeding Chart

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | ZED RUN Breeding Charts

The offspring will add the two Z numbers of the parents to determine its genotype (or Z-number). To keep it simple, the Z XXX of a stallion + Z XXX of a mare = the new genotype’s Z type. For example, if a Z9 colt breeds with a Z8 filly, the offspring will be a Z17 (9+8). 

Breed Type

Similar to the Bloodline table, the breed type is determined based on the parents. You can never breed a child to be a Genesis. While possibilities are endless with breeding, only a finite amount of Genesis racehorses are released by Zed via drops and these horses cannot be recreated. With breeding, the highest rarity a foal can be is Legendary and that comes from breeding two Genesis parents together. The higher up and to the left on the chart below, the rarer. 

Though Genesis racehorses are highly-coveted, as ZED RUN grows, Legendary horses will become rare in their own right, as the only way to produce a Legendary horse is with two Genesis horses.

ZED RUN Breed Type Breeding Chart

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | ZED RUN Breeding Chart

To tie the three characteristics together with an example: a Z3 Genesis Szabo Colt breeding with a Z8 Legendary Finney would create a Z11 Exclusive Finney.  

Coat Color

Lastly, we have the Coat Color of newly-minted horses. Things can get pretty complex here with different formulas and coat outcomes depending on the groupings of the colors of the parent horses. 

In general, if the parents have different coats, the father’s influence on the outcome of the offspring’s coat is 65 percent, while the mother’s is 35 percent. If the mother and father have the same or identical coats, ZED RUN has released odds around what to expect.

Head over to ZED RUN to get the in-depth breakdown by the numbers if you are interested in really diving into breeding Super Rare coats.

ZED RUN Breed Type Breeding Chart

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | ZED RUN Coat Color Breeding
As of July 2, 2021

Certain coats are known to be very desirable such as Midnight Black and any of the Super Rare coats, so take a peek at the table above to get familiar with the colors. Super coats are possible when both horses breeding have the same exact coat color. For now you can tell a horse has a super coat by looking next to their coat color. 

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | ZED RUN Horse Info
As of July 2, 2021

ZED RUN Breeding Prices: Stud Fees

You have to pay to play when it comes to breeding in ZED RUN, but depending on the gender of the horse you are using to breed, payment can be different. 

The owner of the female pays the stud fees, keeps the child, and will be able to name it if they care to. The male’s owner will set the horse’s stud fee when they post the horse to stud. The owner of the stallion then earns a percentage of the stud fees when its horse is bred with. 

Keep in mind, a male can father three children per month and a female can have one child per month, according to the new breeding limits.

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | ZED RUN Breeding Price Minimum
As of July 2, 2021

These fees change depending on the duration of the stud, which can be one day, three days or seven days as seen above. Owners can choose the duration the horse is in the stud farm when they put it up for stud. 

Note: You cannot remove your horse from stud once you put it in. You must wait the entire length of the stud and the horse cannot be raced while it is in stud.

Breeding within your own Stable

If you breed with a horse in your own stable the stud fees you pay are reduced by 35 percent. You’ll see this discount when you pick your own horse in stud. However, you will have to follow the same breeding process as other stable owners; put your male in stud, select your horse under the “breeding” menu, then select the female you’d like to breed.

ZED RUN Breeding Prices

The base price of breeding is 0.075 ETH, but the true minimum breeding price is adjusted based on Bloodline. 

The below equation is a bit complicated, but the best way to find your ZED RUN horse’s minimum breeding price is:

  1. Go to your stable
  2. Click your male (colt or stallion) horse
  3. Click breed in the bottom left
  4. The following window will auto-populate with your minimum breeding price, which can then be increased if desired.

The base breeding price equation is:

Base Price (0.075 ETH) x {[Bloodline Weighting x 80%] + [Breed Type Weighting x 20%]}

See the bloodline weighting and bloodline type weightings in the chart below.

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | ZED RUN Breeding Price Breeding Chart
As of July 2, 2021

So for example, the floor breeding price for a Genesis Buterin is 0.075 x {[.15 x .8] + [1.8 x .2]} = 0.036 ETH — or about $75 at the time of writing.

Floor breeding price for a Genesis Szabo is .075 x {[1.2 x .8] + [1.8 x .2]} = 1.395 ETH.

How to Breed on Zed Run

We’ll now walk through the steps on how to find a male to breed with if you have a female and want to start breeding on ZED RUN

1. Start on the breeding page

To start the breeding process head to the breeding page on ZED RUN. This page is the main breeding dashboard on ZED. Here you will be able to search for your male and see what other horses are being priced at to get an idea of the market. 

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial Horse Info | How to Breed Zed Run Digital Horse

2. Filter through potential mates for your horse

The filters at the top of the page will help narrow the search. Stable owners can filter by Z#, Bloodline, Breed, then sort by price or recent listings to make things easier for ourselves. If there’s a specific horse you’re looking for, you can search it by name as well. 

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | How to Breed Zed Run MomentRanks

Once filtered to our specified range you can see the horses that meet that criteria and the prices stable owners are asking to breed with them. Remember, the female will keep the horse after paying the stud fees, which are listed here. 

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | How to Breed Zed Run MomentRanks

3. Look at the male Horse’s details and attributes

To get more information on a male horse posted to stud, just click the name and you will be able to see an overview of their genotype, bloodline, racing stats, coat color and number of children they have fathered. All of which are relevant when choosing a mate, as you want to find a successful racer, and should also look for genesis race horses. 

For a more in-depth breakdown of the stats on horses, including race odds and profitability, check out the horse on Know Your Horses.

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | How to Breed Zed Run MomentRanks

It is up to you to decide what you are looking for in a mate. Maybe you want to look for an ace racer on the track, or maybe you want to breed with an unraced horse that could have unknown potential. Be aware that usually a proven racer will command a higher stud fee based on its success on the track. 

The other option would be to target a specific coat color in hopes of the offspring having a super rare coat. 

4. Selecting a Mate and Breed

With the stud now selected based on its attributes, it’s time to get to breeding. Click on the “Select Mate” button which will take you to a window to select the female you want to mate.

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | How to Breed Zed Run Digital Horse MomentRanks

Click “Select Female” and a drop down of your female horse will come up for you to pick which to use. 

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | How to Breed Zed Run Digital Horse MomentRanks

With the female selected, you will be prompted to click “Buy Cover” and then confirm the transaction in MetaMask. When that is successful you will see the Procreating message.

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial  Procreating | How to Breed Zed Run Digital Horse

After just a few minutes, your newborn should show up in your stable. Congratulations on breeding your first horse!

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial Newborn | How to Breed Zed Run Digital Horse
  1. Naming Your New Horse

You will then have the chance to name the horse or keep it unnamed if you aren’t sure what to call it yet, or want to keep it unnamed to sell. You can name the horse once it’s in your stable. 

To check the color of the horse click on the Newborn, and you should be able to see its attributes. If that does not work, you can go to its parent’s ZED page and look at their offspring. It will show up as an unnamed horse there too, but you will be able to see the color. 

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial Foal | How to Breed Zed Run Digital Horse

Your newborn horse can race right away, starting with a Griffin race, but it must wait a month from its birthday to breed. You can check its birthday by looking at the date above the green transaction address in the top right of the horse info.

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial Horse Info | How to Breed Zed Run Digital Horse

Putting a ZED RUN Horse Up for Stud

Now, if you own a colt and stallion, the breeding process is much different than owning a filly or a mare.

To start, go to your stable and select the horse you want to put in stud. Under the picture of the horse click “Breed” and a prompt will appear. In the new window, you will input a breeding price and duration of the stud. The breeding price is defaulted to the minimum price.

If your horse has been successful on the track, or is unraced, you may consider raising this price. Keep in mind, you will not receive all of the funds from breeding, as ZED RUN will take a portion depending on how long the horse is in stud.

ZED RUN Breeding Tutorial | ZED RUN Breeding Price

The only thing left to do is sign the MetaMask prompts and you’re good to go. If you plan to breed your horse in stud with your females you can go to the breeding page and search for the horse by name. Besides that, sit back, relax and hopefully rake in some breeding fees. 

Breed your Championship ZED RUN Horse

Breeding can seem daunting and confusing, but hopefully we’ve eased concerns and answered questions in this guide. Remember to have fun and enjoy the process, even with potential bumps along the way. 

Getting your horses in the mix on the track is even more special after breeding them yourself. You’ll really feel like a proud parent when your own digital horse children perform on the track. 

Follow Cole on Twitter: @StrobeCM. Feel free to reach out with any comments or questions. Jump in the MomentRanks Discord to link up with other stable owners and create a breeding plan.