ZED RUN Racing Update: Analysis on Every Racing Change
ZED RUN Racing Update: Analysis on Every Racing Change

ZED RUN Racing Update: Analysis on Every Racing Change

by Strobe


Wow. After ZED RUN’s recent racing update, that’s all I have to say. This past Tuesday, ZED RUN dropped huge updates detailing changes coming to the game in the coming weeks. These changes — including fatigue and removal of odds — will shift the landscape of digital horse racing on ZED RUN forever.

Here is the full (brief) list of racing updates announced by ZED RUN:

  • More races
  • Vastly shorter wait times for races
  • Racehorse fatigue
  • Improved racing competition via restricted entering
  • Removal of odds
  • Leaderboards and New Rating System

Let’s get into all of the info you need to know on each topic and my thoughts on how each piece of news could change the ZED RUN horse racing landscape.  

ZED RUN Racing Updates August 3

More Races, More Fun

If you’ve ever tried to enter a $2.50 race in Class V or Class IV you know just how quickly they fill up. It gets very frustrating getting your gate sniped over and over. ZED RUN is combating this by adding more $2.50 races to each class. There will be two at all times in Class V and one in all the other classes.

Secondly, the variety of distances being offered to race will be improved so no more browsing races being offered and seeing only 2,000, 2,200, and 2,400 as the only options when your horse is a sprinter. 

Our Take on More ZED RUN Races

These are much needed improvements, especially when combined with the odds removal (more on this soon). It is going to take longer to know if you have a good or poor racer, so having more variety in cheaper races plus easy access to races is a must. New players aren’t going to want to fire off hundreds of dollars just to figure out if they have a winner or glue.

Queues? What Queues?

Say goodbye to 12+ hour wait times to race. Races will now be run about five minutes after all the gates have been filled. Because of this, you will only be able to enter a horse in one race at a time instead of three like it is currently. 

Our Take on Queue Updates

Thank you, thank you, thank you for this change, ZED RUN. Shorter race times like these will help grow the game. If I’m with a bunch of friends and I tell them about ZED, now I can jump into a race quickly to show them, instead of entering a queue and coming back in four hours (or more). 

Also, someone new to the game might get turned off by excessive wait times, but now they can go from buying a horse to racing in less than 15 minutes. It’s simpler, it’s more engaging. Big win.

ZED RUN Digital Horse Racing

Take a Deep Breath: Fatigue on ZED RUN

You might not know it, but fatigue already exists as a trait in every horse, but ZED RUN has been waiting to flip the fatigue switch on. That day is coming very soon. 

Here’s what ZED RUN said about fatigue for race horses: “This means that each time you place your racehorse into a race, within that 24 hour period, its maximum potential speed will decrease.”

Different horses will get tired faster or slower than others affecting their performance on the track. There will also be a fatigue bar implemented when entering a race to show you what level of fatigue your horse is at. That way, you can make decisions to race or to rest. 

ZED RUN Racing Update August 3 2021

Our Take on ZED RUN Fatigue

I knew this would be coming eventually with all the community feedback that horses should not be able to race all day every day with no penalties. The current state of no fatigue allows the best horses in the game to get tons of volume in and stack prize money. Now, it may be easier to avoid the staunchest competition on ZED RUN, as those horses have to recover just like yours.

Fatigue introduces a whole new level of strategy into the game and will probably change the value of horses too. 

Will great racers who fatigue faster lose value? Will decent racers who fatigue slower gain much more value? I am very interested to see how the market adjusts and what strategies are employed. 

No More Sandbagging to Reach a Lower Race Class

You will no longer be able to lose class rating when racing in a class higher than your current ranking. For example, a strategy that some used was entering your Class IV horse into Class I race so the horse would likely lose. This would either help the horse class down to Class V for easier competition or to stay in Class IV. Finishing in the bottom spots of higher classes will not affect a racehorse’s rating.

Adding fatigue into the mix, a horse over 30 percent fatigued will not lose class points if it is racing to avoid the issue of racing over-tired horses on purpose trying to class down.

To learn more about classing down, Syntribos Stables has a great video detailing how it can be done with pros and cons. However, these changes wil likely affect the ability to follow the classing down tutorial.

Saying Goodbye to Racing Odds on ZED RUN

We now arrive at the most controversial topic of discussion: there will be no more odds for horses in the races you enter. Odds were generated by running 1,000 simulations of the scheduled race. Because it’s based on these simulations, odds have a correlation to the winning position. Odds were a crucial part of learning about your horse.

However, ZED RUN believes that making the odds available is ruining the discovery process that should be done via extensive racing, especially as they add more variables into the game. 

The permanent replacement is not ready for launch yet, so in the meantime they are introducing —  wait for it — flame emojis next to the horses most likely to place in the race. They will be visible on the “Next to Run” page. 

ZED RUN Racing Flames Digital Horse Racing

Our Take on ZED RUN Removing Odds

Yeah… I don’t know about this one. It makes things feel much more like a guessing game than a data-driven endeavour. Established winning horses can already estimate their odds at a given distance against their competition, but for new horses they are really in the dark unless illuminated by the almighty fire emoji. 

There will still be times and speeds, which validates the church of “speed matters” believers, so I imagine that will be heavily leaned into as analytics sites like Know Your Horses, Hawku and ZedRun Tools adapt. 

I am really hoping the permanent solution is a bit more elegant than an emoji next to favorable horses in each race. 

New Races for Underperforming Horses

Donkeys rejoice! There are going to be two new race types introduced to ZED RUN: races for horses with a 0 percent win rate and sub-5 percent win rate horses. The goal is to bring more enjoyment to owners of more racehorses. 

ZED RUN Racing Update August 3 digital horse racing

Our Take on New Racing Events

This is another change aimed at easing new players into the game — always a good move for a game that is built on technology that’s new to so many people. It’s a fun way to keep racing engaging for the less talented horses and opens up the incredible option for donkey tournaments. Now, maybe the winless donkey in your stable will finally be able to get a win.

ZED RUN Leaderboards Digital Horse Racing

Leaderboards and ELO

The update from ZED finished off by quickly hitting on an ELO system — a relative rating system — that will be implemented to show off a horse’s rating. It will basically create power rankings and show where horses stack up against the competition. This should be another helpful tool and consideration to gauge your horse’s skill with odds going away.

I know I’ll be putting my horses ELO on my resume.

ZED RUN Racing Updates: Closing Thoughts

Overall, I think many of these are great changes to the game. A lot of them are aimed at growing the game and making sure it is successful for a long time to come. I know it’s sometimes hard to think about the future because every week in NFTs feels like months, but it’s clear that ZED wants to build something that has staying power. 

I am not thrilled about the removal of odds, but it’s been on the radar for some time now, so it’s best to see how ZED adjusts and adapt accordingly. I will be bringing my ZED RUN analysis, tips, and tricks for the new system as soon as I’ve got them. 

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