The Best ZED RUN Tools: Know Your Horses, Hawku, and more
The Best ZED RUN Tools: Know Your Horses, Hawku, and more

The Best ZED RUN Tools: Know Your Horses, Hawku, and more

by Strobe


In order to make smart, profitable decisions with your digital horses on ZED RUN, you need to approach it as a data-driven game. Luckily, there are third-party tools that can help you improve your racing results on ZED RUN.

I’m going to introduce you to some of the incredible tools that take all the ZED data out there and put it together to give the end user the knowledge and power to make smart decisions.

These tools are created by amazing members of the community and keep improving every day. These sites will be crucial in helping you succeed when getting started on ZED RUN.

Know Your Horses: Go-to Tool for ZED RUN

Know Your Horses (KYH) is my homebase when it comes to analytics tools for ZED RUN. I am on this site dozens of times a day checking flames, looking up other horses, and more — and it’s impressively easy to use. The team does a great job constantly improving the site and adding new features. 

The Best ZED RUN Tools: Know Your Horses | Analytics for ZED RUN

One Stop Shop for ZED RUN Research

If I am looking up a horse or checking on my own, KYH is my go-to. You can easily check flame history and lifetime racing statistics of any horse on the platform to analyze. This is especially helpful when doing research on horses you might have your eye on to buy or figuring out where your horses run their best. 

You can link your stable to the site and it will set up an easy to navigate dashboard of your stable that includes information on when horses are next available to breed as well as flames, profit and loss, and more. 

The Best ZED RUN Tools: Know Your Horses | Analytics for ZED RUN

Another great tool Know Your Horses offers is speed graphs that show you where your horse falls on the distribution compared to the rest of the population. This is a great tool to tell if your horse has the zoomies or prefers more of a casual pace. 

The Best ZED RUN Tools: Know Your Horses | Analytics for ZED RUN

On the market page, you can easily find secondary market floor prices for ZED RUN horses across bloodlines and genotypes. There are a ton of other great tools to take advantage of on the site like race schedule, available breeds, and more, so be sure to dive in and up your ZED knowledge.

You can also check them out on Twitter for product updates.

Hawku: ZED RUN Analytics

Hawku is a newer site but has stormed onto the scene quickly becoming a community favorite. The site acts as a constantly refreshing feed of horses being put up for sale. The filters make it easy to navigate to find what you are looking for and get very specific.

The Best ZED RUN Tools: Hawku | Analytics for ZED RUN

Buy or Sell ZED RUN Horses

If you are in the market to buy a ZED RUN horse you can use Hawku’s filters to narrow things down to see potential options on the marketplace. Once you have identified a couple horses, you can use the sales tab to see recently sold horses within your filters. 

Another great feature is the quick view for each horse. This gives you a look into the horse’s stats without having to navigate to another page.

Follow Hawku on Twitter for the latest updates to their ZED RUN analytics.

Zedrun Tools

Next up we have Zedrun Tools, which features “data, analytics, and exclusive genesis marketplace.” They offer a great look at race data and odds as well as a rank analysis by distance.

ZED RUN Family Trees

The main reason I hop on Zedrun Tools is for their Ancestry page, which you can navigate to on any horse’s page.

You can build out the breeding trees for horses to help visualize where you’re at in the lineage. This is very helpful when creating a breeding plan and seeing who your horse’s half siblings are for potential inbreeding.

Plus it’s just fun to drag and drop a ton of horses and build out family trees. 

The Best ZED RUN Tools: Zedrun Tools | Analytics for ZED RUN

Follow Zedrun Tools on Twitter for updates about their platform.

MJ Informatics: ZEDalytics

To finish things off I want to talk a bit about MJ Informatics. I was shown this site a couple weeks ago and I definitely wish I knew about it earlier. While it’s less polished than some other sites, the data it provides is a bit more in-depth than other sites we’ve discussed.

I am interested to see how the site will pivot now with odds no longer being used, but it is still a good tool for looking at horses ran before August 23, 2021.

ZED RUN Data Deepdive

Using the ZEDalytics from MJ Informatics, you get a breakdown of a horse’s performance across each distance listed in preference order. A great feature is the 1-3, 4-8, and 9-12 columns that tell you at what percentage the horse has finished in those places. 

The Best ZED RUN Tools: MJ Informatics | Analytics for ZED RUN

This helps identify distances you can use to possibly class down naturally or which ones to avoid if you consistently finish in the middle of the pack. The average points column helps summarize that data for you too. 

The site also does a good job explaining standard deviation when it comes to speed. I think standard deviation will be more important as odds have been removed from the game, so it’s something to get familiar with.

Follow MJ on Twitter for updates on updates on MJ Informatics.

A Summary on ZED RUN Tools

Here’s a quick list of the top ZED RUN tools that I use for research.

  • Know Your Horses — All-in-One ZED RUN tool for race history, detailed horse research, and more
  • Hawku — Best site for searching the marketplace for ZED RUN horses to buy
  • Zedrun Tools — Several tools for looking at results by distance, but used primarily for the ancestry charts.
  • MJ Informatics: ZEDalytics — Extremely detailed racing statistics, including standard deviation and results history visualizations.

If I missed one of your favorite sites, let me know! I love learning about new community tools that help us all win. Want to give a huge shout out again to all of the teams who are constantly working to bring us these great analytics tools.

Follow Cole on Twitter: @StrobeCM. Feel free to reach out with comments or questions on anything ZED RUN related.

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