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On Thursday, Top Shot announced Trade Tickets, a system for trading in Moments to swap for different Moments previously owned by collectors. On the podcast, host Max Minsker breaks down the announcement, how to get Trade Tickets, and how Trade Tickets mi...
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NBA Top Shot Sets Explainer | Top Shot for Beginners

NBA Top Shot Sets Explainer | Top Shot for Beginners

5 days ago

Here's an explainer for NBA Top Shot sets and how to complete sets, including the easiest way to In short, a Top Shot set is essentially a curated collection fo Moments that share a similar theme — such as Throwdowns Moments that are all dunks. View your Top Shot sets and cost to complete ➡️ More Top Shot beginner content ➡️ More NFT beginner content ➡️ In this video on Top Shot sets: 0:00 - What are Top Shot Sets 0:35 - Top Shot Set Progress Tracker 1:50 - Why are Top Shot Sets created? 5:15 - Viewing Sets on MomentRanks 6:30 - What are the best Top Shot sets? ***** Hosted by Max Minsker: Follow MomentRanks on Twitter: Join the MomentRanks Discord: ***** MomentRanks Learn was created to help new NFT collectors get started and understand some of the most popular NFTs today. We'll be bringing more content to make NFTs more accessible to anyone and everyone who is ready to dive into the metaverse. MomentRanks is the premier NFT resource, with 1-of-1 valuations for your 1-of-1 collectible. We provide analytics and content for NBA Top Shot, Bored Ape Yacht Club, with more NFTs on the way. Visit our website for more NFT resources and content: