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Woodies Generative Characters
Woodies Generative Characters

Woodies Generative Characters

Woodies is a collection of 10,000 avatars created by UltraDAO. But this isn’t just another avatar project. Propelled by one of the largest 10k project teams and an established artist DAO, Woodies is a universe rich in storytelling and characters with big plans for future content and collector rewards. Visit WoodiesNFT.com to learn more.

Now, Mint Passport Holders can adopt their Woodies at https://woodiesnft.com/adopt. Mint Passports are also still available for purchase at https://opensea.io/collection/woodies-mint-passport.

Floor: 0.22 ETH

Mint count: 5.39K

Unique owners: 2307

24h Sales Volume

10.91 ETH

24h Transactions



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